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Martial Arts, Leadership and Business

Martial Arts, Leadership and Business

You Don’t Have To Fight Your Way To The Top

I am sure that you have seen advertisements or promotions for martial arts or self defense classes before. Many of them if not almost all of them these days focus on letting you know that you will develop confidence and leadership skills from practice.

You should consider yourself very fortunate if you practice martial arts and have understood this benefit. This is especially true when you are applying this skill to your everyday life and in business.

It is interesting that leadership and supreme absolute confidence in your abilities is a very universal trait. It is not just something for the office or business. Leadership is a valuable skill in every area of life including at home and with other personal relationships.

Effort Leads To Effortlessness

Being a leader is very magnetic. When you have developed this characteristic through disciplined personal effort, it is authentic. Once this has been understood, practiced and made your own, making friends, lasting intimate relationships and business associations based on trust and truth becomes virtually effortless.

One of my brands, KappaGuerra, is based on the principle that “The Only War To Wage Is Within“.

This simply means that all progress and discovery begins with yourself, by yourself, and is then shared with others in a spirit of harmony.

Casualties Of War

But this war within comes at a cost. it takes great discipline and a commitment to the understanding that learning and growth should never, ever end if you desire to continue to succeed and prosper.

This alienates a lot of otherwise well meaning and loveable people who do not understand this commitment to personal development.

These are the casualties of war. As you evolve yourself, it will become apparent that many people don’t know, don’t show, or don’t care what goes on in the good that you are doing.

Secrets And Powers Of Master Leaders And Builders Of Wealth

Based on many years of study of some of the most successful people in the world, I have compiled this set of Action Centered Tactics (A.C.T.) that are proven skills of leaders and the creation of wealth and power.

If you were a fully developed leader, you will naturally fascinate others with your authority and networks of trusted associates wh0 attract outsiders into your system of influence which is controlled by yourself.

This is the F.A.N.T.A.S.Y. Protocol which is an acronym for Fascination, Authority, Networks, Trust, Attraction, Systems and Yourself.

Walking Through Walls

A great metaphor for what you will experience when you understand this protocol involves a brick wall.

For me, when I used to be challenged or confronted with obstacles, I would just run into them and knock myself out by smashing my head and face.

Never giving up and still finding walls up before me, I would smash through them like The Incredible Hulk or break them down.

But now, with focused, clear and confident goals, all of the walls just seem to disintegrate. Disappearing right before me there seem to be no blocks anymore. Almost like X-rays or Gamma-Rays, when you raise your frequency, you can pas through anything.

When you make the decision to develop authentic leadership skills, you do not have to climb any ladders or fight your way to the top. Instead you simply take the place that you desire, no matter how high that may be. You live the life you have dreamed of and experience your true success.

I Believe In You.

Believe In YourSelf.

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