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KappaGuerra’s Recommended Mestres and Academies of Capoeira — 3 Comments

  1. I believe one can learn and master martial arts without a master from books. But not in the way most people may think.

    Known as the greatest swordsman in Japan, Miyamoto Musashi claimed to have master the sword and other arts by himself without instruction of any kind. I myself am more than 95% self taught. But it has a hefty price. When I 1st began training, I would practice for up to 6 to 10 hours a day. Even now, not a moment goes by without me practicing somehow either physically, or designing scenarious, writing about or reading about martial arts, combat and self defense. Physical, mental and spiritual fitness all being a part of this for me.

    It is also necessary to test your skills with or on other people by finding sparring partners or competitions; if not, all you are doing is theorizing and maybe improving your fitness level.

    I will be writing an article about this. Lokk out for it here soon.

  2. For some reason, possibly because of their opposite climates and cultures, it is very difficult to imagine Capoeira in Russia. That is why the above video, a feature about Capoeira in Moscow and is so fascinating. Beyond hearing Mestre No’s take on the nature of Capoeira and its presence in Russia and it’s great to see that and according to one Russian capoeirista and the reasons people are drawn to Capoeira are universal………………

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