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Corta Capim (grass cutter): Reducing marijuana consumption to eliminate side effects while optimizing therapeutic benefits. — 6 Comments

  1. Well, instead of just reducing the amount I use, I have completely quit altogether again as of February 5th, 13-days ago. So far no sleep paralysis, and the withdrawal symptoms are all gone.

    It may be still too early to tell, but I wonder if it is because there was no cannabis from any street vendors being used this time around, which may be contaminated with some as of yet unknown toxins.

  2. I hope you’ll get better and I am glad you are taking attitude to fix the problem. Although marijuana is a very common and popular drug it comes with a risk, we can find warning signs in every scientific study. In the end the decision is up to us.

  3. Right. However, nowhere in this article do I call for restricting any person’s choices in our so-called “free country”. This article is simply a note about how one may optimize, or improve the benefits of smoking medical marijuana by reducing the amount to a dosage that helps them find relief, while at the same time eliminating any side effects due to overconsumption.

    I will check the article to see where I have gone wrong in misleading you or anyone else into thinking I am suggesting the discontinuation of enjoying the therapeutic and psychoactive benefits of cannabis.

    If you are referring to my original comment where I post my choice to refrain completely, I assure you that is my choice only, because I have the awareness, time and ability to deal with my personal exploration topics(pets) at the root and cause. I no longer need to mask symptoms with weed because I use nutrition and other means such as exercise and meditation to remedy my personal exploration topics.

    This option is not available to everyone as they may be dependent on it for serious health topics, or, just enjoy it too much. 🙂 <3

  4. In this case marijuana might help indeed, after all it is know it can be a great medicinal plant if used in medical purpose. I have a friend though, who started by smoking weed and became a heavy drug addict in just one year. He even wanted me to try some too but i have refused him, i know how dangerous drugs can be and how easily your life can be destroyed by them. I talked to him numerous times, i wanted him to get help, but he always used to ignore me, saying that he knows exactly what he is doing and that he could stop anytime he would want. Although his addiction is cured now, he struggled really hard to get to this point. When he couldn’t lie to himself anymore, he got on a drug rehab center on his own will, but at that time he had already lost four years of his life.

  5. It is not the drug that makes the addict, but rather the negative relationship a person has with a particular drug or drugs. People can become addicted to marijuana just as they can to any other psychoactive drug. Treatment for their addiction should be available to these people-all drugs rehabs should have a Marijuana treatment section. However, the fact remains that marijuana, like many other psychoactive drugs, does have medical value: the fact that some people may have an addiction problem should not prevent others from benefiting from its therapeutic potential. Studies have found opioids to be effective pain management agents, with an addiction rate of less that 1% in hospitalized patients treated for their pain.

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