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Quantum Hypnosis (QH)

By Hakeem Alexander

Exercising Your Mind) This is really a redundant way of reintroducing Hypnosis. It is a reminder of what Hypnosis already is for the 21st Century life, so called. It is a presupposition with some spin if you will. As if we need a reminder, we are so entrenched daily in Hypnosis from our environment.

The workings of the human mind and spirit have been understood and utilized to a great degree since ancient times. Fearful and therefore competitive, rather than creative peoples have decided to conceal this knowledge. Once concealed and forgotten by many, the masses became easier to control. This will work only so long as the illusion is upheld within the collective unconscious. There are specific techniques for doing this, as it was a pastime to naturally explore Altered States of Consciousness, or, Shamanic States of Consciousness for healing.

Most important to understand is that the individuals undergoing, or self inducing with these methods, were in full compliance with, and by necessity, aware that the techniques were being applied. This is quite in contrast with the Madison Avenue strategies employed from so many sources by ego-driven, competitive, controlling, fear-based beings.

But let us move on from the problem. What concerns us is the cure.

As usual there is nothing much new here except the verbose delivery in which I use to impart the message. This writing is a Self-Hypnosis Exercise (SHE). Study it and understand that just as I create these games of ‘Mind-Tech’ to deliver personal Development Strategies, so may you for yourself and others.

Quantum comes from the Latin word quantus; roughly translating to “how much“.

Hypnosis comes from the Greek “God of Sleep” who’s name is Hypnos.

In the science of Physics, a quantum is a discreet or set unit of energy. It is the smallest amount required to manifest a given phenomenon such as light. Therefore, as you may know, the  quantum of light is a photon.

In behavioral science, Hypnosis is a method for accessing the subconscious-mind in order to affect some desired or required change in habit, such as moving from anxiety states into calm and cheerful relaxation.

The Quantum Hypnosis (QH) modality as defined by me is a tool for “Manifesting rapid or instant changes, while utilizing the smallest amount of energy required to achieve such desired changes.” QH is applicable to the body-mind as well as the spirit, which are essentially triune; three in one. QH is learning and acceptance. 

Persistent Desire is the key to the Quantum Hypnosis Modality. If your internal or external environment is out of line with your goals, use the power of your will to focus upon your desires no matter what the circumstance or environment has to show. Keep wanting what you want, and you will eventually find a way to achieve the object of your desire. You may Be, Have, and Do anything you wish. As long as it is done in a way that benefits all whom it effects, success will certainly be yours!

Be. Have. Yours. Behaviour! Goal achievement is all about how you think and ACT. Do BeHave please!

Simply think about, imagine or daydream what you desire in a calm and cheerful state. Write it down to strengthen it. Read your statement of desire before you go to sleep and immediately upon waking. Immerse yourself in the subject through books, audio, video, movies and activities such as seminars or other groups. A Hypnotherapist is also a suggested resource for rapid access to your subconscious mind, and therefore, the Creative Law of the Universal Subjective Mind.

One of the most workable mnemonic acronyms I have found to measure and record progress, comes from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). This is F.I.T.T.E., which encrypts Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type and Enjoyment. For Quantum Hypnosis I have adapted it as follows:

Frequency relates to how often an action or thought is repeated or not, for example, 4 0r 5 days per week.
Intensity regards how powerful the type of “thoughtivity” may be impressing upon subjective energies.
Time refers to the duration in which a position, pose or ponderance is held or focused upon during the ‘exercise’.
Type simply indicates to the goal of the activity, its design and what specific parts of your being are focused upon.
Enjoyment obviously points to the personal joy that is inspired by the experience, which greatly effects outcome.

FITTE is the basic program that elicits optimum results and describes the pattern that is used as an outline for goal mapping. I have been successfully achieving results with this foundation for many years with a great variety of Personal Exploration Topics (PETs).

It is one of many forms of what I call Subjective Experiential Education, or, SEE. This is the organization of your personal experiences from memory (subjective/subconscious) in a form you can objectively analyze for the purpose of learning something useful at least, and ecological at best. One of the many simple methods of accomplishing this is by way of writing, which makes use of the ideomotor process. This process innately connects our use of written language with our whole mind. Conscious, subconscious, super-conscious. The ideomotor pathway seems to penetrate all of the brain-wave cycles. Beta=alert and awake; Alpha=trance and day-dreaming; Theta=light sleep and lucid dreaming; Delta=deep sleep.

I have demonstrated this to myself by simply changing the subjects I write about. More importantly than the subject is the emotional tone that is associated with the activity of writing; the perspective filters I have adopted regarding the literature I create, and my entire life experience in general. I have simply moved from a position of fear and helplessness to a position of love and responsibility. I choose to look upon the world as a super-hero and a savior, rather than a victim or plunderer. It may amaze you just how powerful playing make-believe or pretending truly is.

These modalities are based on our shared philosophy that “The Universe or God, is formless, neutral ‘substance’ that responds directly to the nature of thought.”

Naturally, it is also founded in the theory which states that “All hypnosis is self-hypnosis”

Here is some additional perspective.
Learning how to walk as a baby is a form of hypnosis as is learning to speak your native tongue, or, a new language. This is done through repetition and association; the two laws governing self-hypnosis. And since God and the Universe respond directly to your thoughts, you inevitably learn to walk and talk by persistently practicing passionately.

Repetition for this purpose could be said to represent the Quantum Factor in our experience. What it is.
Association may be considered as the Hypnosis factor in our experience. How we feel about it.

In chemistry, Hydrogen associates and burns with Oxygen to formulate water; H2O. Oxygen and Hydrogen are ubiquitous, or found virtually everywhere on our Earth. They surround us in constant and persistent repetitive streams.

Repetition may be likened to Oxygen, while Association is the Hydrogen. Our experience is the flowing, eternal and nourishing water created by their union. Depending how you translate your learning you may either drink or drown.

Likewise, repeated th
oughts or actions when associated with certain feelings, emotions or other states combine to form our experience. My repetition factor used to be that I was angry in general, and when my anger turned inwards I became depressed. If I met someone or experienced something that elicited a joyful state in me, I associated the person or experience with the joy!

Sometimes when I thought of one of these joyful occasions in my normally hostile mood, I would begin to feel more joyful myself. When I realized I was becoming joyful by memory alone in the absence of the person or experience, I began fabricating similar and completely new subjective joys of memory in my imagination. Following this example, you may understand how truly simple it all is. All of the poetry surrounding it is fun for me at least for sure, and definitely reinforces the data in this document in general.

Basically, we are free to utilize whatever experiences we have to build the life we want by impressing the image of that life upon our subconscious. If our external environment encourages this, great. If not we turn to our imaginations to create what we want. If our internal environment is unpleasant we may use positive reinforcement from the outside by way of multimedia or people.

If both the internal and external are unfavorable, we must use the power of our will to make our conscious minds deliver to the subconscious that which we desire. Nothing is ever accomplished by thinking about its opposite. You succeed by thinking about success; you win by focusing on winning; you achieve by believing in the achievement.

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  1. A new dimension in Clinical Hypnosis. An Insight into the mind. Its
    perception of emotions – permitting the experience of a problem. Pain is
    experienced/ perceived as nothing but a vibrational energy and the
    intelligence of the subconscious mind may heal it naturally. Where it
    becomes important to experience the mind-body existence beyond physical
    and mental levels. Thus to accomplish a deep level of trance where the
    physical and mental states are experienced at the vibratory or quantum

  2. Hi,
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  3. I understand why she some feel that autism is a gift, but I doubt they felt that way growing up, and I doubt that all of the parents who have autistic children at the other of the spectrum feel that way. It’s a gift only when one makes it into one. A good lesson that to learn is not to be so hasty to give up on a child at such a young age. It seems like doctors categorize autistic children very young, and that sets the tone for the rest of their lives. As far as we’ve come, there is still much that medical science does not understand and cannot explain about autistic children, or many other things for that matter.

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