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From Om to Orgasm: (REVIEW) The Tantra Primer for Living in Bliss — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Hakeem,

    Thank you so, so much for the raving review!! What a wonderful way for us to begin the new moon day! It makes all our effort worthwhile to see one soul appreciate it and can benefit from it! We feel so humbled by your words, so deep from your heart. Thank you!

    It is a rare being who can express himself with his mind, heart and soul. You are the authentic, the genuine, the present, the real! Most people do not allow their true selves to be seen. You do and I really respect and honor that.

    I am in Florida now with Ram and your review brought tears to both our eyes! Thank you so much for spreading the light! You know, even if a handful of us could reach one more person it could make a difference not only in our lives and the world. I truly believe that.

    We are going sailing to the bahamas next week and getting preparations in order. If you don’t hear from me it’s because I don’t have access to the internet and cell (but that will be after next saturday- not this saturday).

    Dear friend, you inspire me to want to share more, and I will. Please do contact us anytime with your concerns.
    You are more than welcome to talk/write to Ram too.

    Take good care, blessings and miracles to you!

    p.s. for more on miracles I really suggest you check out sivababa on youtube and sivababa.org, pathof miracles.com. He is the real thing. I met him in NY in April and am doing all his mantras etc. Please check him out, especially this July 17 is a miracle day. See the video on it.

    More soon!!

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