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By Hakeem Alexander

(Exercising Your Mind) “This is a fantastic networking community focusing on Spirituality, Love, Happiness, Health and Wealth. Maybe because these are the themes I have punched into the search engine of my mind that I find them at KarmaCaffe.” -HA

KarmaCaffe is a concept much to my own affections. I have been searching for and working towards building a “portal” where information would be easily accessed regarding revolutionary spiritual change.

Within the pages of Karma Caffe, you will find a magnificent endeavor. I am a part of this much needed and visionary quest. Immesureably imaginitive, this expansive community thrives on open communication, peaceful dialogue and building of the spirit.

Much like myself, John Henry aka J Ram Siva and Chandi Devi, the founders of KarmaCaffe.com and a few previous successful online ventures, are artists, healers, teachers and authors. Specializing in Tantra Kryia Yoga – a very intense and radically purifying practice, in which sex is but a small fraction of the focus, contrary to much belief about Tantra.

Having met on the phone and through e-mail correspondence, I have always felt I am being guided by expert and most importantly true friendship and faith in people when talking with Chandi. I have also been friends with Chandi’s daughter Erin for a few years as well and I can certainly resonate with the unique and creative insights that they both share. Erin is also a healer and artist, Studying Chinese Medicine, Yoga and KickBoxing amongst others.

After exchanging ideas about healing with Erin and through the internet’s most popular social network, MySpace.com, I was able to preview the launch of KarmaCaffe’s Talk Radio Spiritual Hour, and gain more insight into their goals and objectives. I felt, and still feel intensely inspired by the uplifting message and leadership of Chandi and the Karma Caffe Family.

So, of course I was thrilled when Chandi invited me to speak on the final show of the year December 19th, 2007. I have always dreamed of being part of a true team with solid purposes to keep me honest and faithful. This is the Ancient Wisdom integrated intelligently and affectionately with new technology for the embracing of us all. Karma Caffe is an extension of the open and nourishing arms and hearts of those who have created it and the ever-growing society that is congressing and sharing openly on its many pages.

I would like to invite everyone to join me on KarmaCaffe.com, it is the most compatible forum I have engaged for my senses. The portal for visionary spiritual transmutaion I dreamed about and worked towards is found for me here. WHen I’m not hanging out at HypnoAthletics, Max Music Academy, Bodies in Motion and Fat Nugz, I can be found sipping and serving up some spiritual brew on KarmaCaffe.com!

Thank you all of my friends.

This Wednesday at 2:00pm Pacific Standard Time

I will once again be chatting on the Blog Talk Radio Spiritual Hour of KarmaCaffe

I Enjoyed the interview soooo very much back on 12-19-2007 and am exceedingly grateful to have been asked to return for another chat.

I have been able to fulfill one of my most eager yearnings on Karma Caffe and that is to reach a great many people and more diverse demographic.

Most importantly, since I have a message that I believe to be joyfully inspiring, effective, efficient, life changing and even life saving; it is urgently necessary for the propagating of this information.

Because of being featured on KarmaCaffe.com’s Talk Radio program, I have realized a dream of mine to be on such a program. I believe it is through my own design. Remember when I posted bulletins about “Radio SIX13? The beginnings of that endeavor may be found on Acrimonium.com

SO please give a listen, you’ll even be able to call in. I’d love to hear from all my great friends I may not have seen or spoken to in some time and anyone else who’d like to put me on the spot. But I don’t mind if you just listen.



“We also would like to thank you for helping us get the KarmaCaffe Spiritual Hour underway by being our guest.
Because of you, the show is gaining recognition and we have scheduled other very notable guests,
including internationally known artists, writers and we hope you will do us the honor of being with us again in the very near future.
Thank you so much!”

In Love and Bliss,

Chandi Devi


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