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Ought We to Cure Schizophrenia? – by Jason Ratcliff — 3 Comments

  1. Hmmm…sounds like a great life; reduced to eliminating excess stimulation to a mind that wants to be as tranquil as possible. Not bathing and keeping an unclean abode are methods for keeping others away. Is all this “mental illness” just another distraction to keep you away from the real work of life–the integration of the three intelligences of the human being [instinctive body sub-conscious, ego personality,& (waiting in the side-lines for the necessary growth and realization), the ‘higher self’].

  2. I do agree that the brain should be altered in a much slower manner then healing someone with a medical condition. I don’t agree that schizophrenia should not be cured (even though I read that the author has changed his mind on this point). I question whether the happiness one feels with having schizophrenia is just content. I have 4 schizophrenics in my family and am aware that it can affect people at different levels (some functional and others not) depending on the types of psychosis that they’re dealing with. I have a mental illness myself…am I happy…in some areas of my life, yes. But as a whole, I would be happier if there was a cure.

  3. I see a cure from schizophrenia to be a transformation of the human spirit that can be summarized with one word: control. The problem with schizophrenia is the delusions control the person, and not the person controlling the delusions. It’s like imagination has run amok, and there’s no reigning it in. I’m tempted to say that schizophrenia may just be right brain thinking taken to an extreme. So, when I envision a cure for schizophrenia, I envision an empowered human being who, still endowed with the human spirit of “free will”, can thus choose to do what he will. If you want to be a slob for a month, go for it, see how it affects your writing and creativity, or even your ability to comprehend complex ideas (Shrodinger’s Equation?, Mass energy equivalence?). A cure from schizophrenia is to grant freedom to the individual, and how can that be a bad thing?

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