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Igneous Rock Formations May Act as Charge Carriers

(Exercising Your Mind) Imagine walking down the road and suddenly hearing a crackling sound in the trees. Suddenly, you see a bright flash of light as high as or taller than the trees streak past you like a lightening bolt traveling in a horizontal path.

You probably would not know what to attribute it to since you may have never seen anything of the sort before. What if it undulated and swirled or changed color and seemed to hover silently? It could even take on odd shapes and perhaps resemble beings or “exotic” aircraft.

Also, if you were caught in the path of this energetic discharge, it is possible that your own brain’s Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Cycles may be disrupted causing strange bodily feelings, emotional states and visions or hallucinations. You might therefore cite no less than a mystical experience. These are commonly called “Earthquake Lights” by many scientists and researchers. It is documented that these “luminous phenomena” have been reported since ancient times.

How do these mysterious “Earthquake Lights” form?

Could it be hole currents caused by a lack of electrons traveling from the ground to the air? In the field of electricity and electronics, a lack of an electron which carries a negative electrical charge, is considered a positive charge within a system or circuit.

Positive Hole Pairs (PHP) are dormant relatively inactive natural structures in oxide, silicate mineral or igneous rock formations that act as Charge Carriers. When an earthquake is about to occur, Tectonic Strain or pressure builds and PHPs are activated or broken apart by stress that allows an electron from an Oxygen-Oxygen (O-O) link to jump from a neighboring Oxygen Anion(ion having a negative charge) onto another broken O-O link changing its valence to positive, thus creating an individual Positive Hole (PH) as opposed to a pair.

Positive Holes generate Extremely Low Frequency Electro-magnetic currents. The defect electrons in the valence band activate in a given volume and becomes a source from where Positive Holes propagate outwards to surrounding rocks. When the “charge cloud” reaches the surface, a dielectric breakdown occurs at the rock / air interface. This reaction allows the charge to carry through the air.

They may move at 1000 feet per second through the earth’s surface and generate magnetic waves carrying at some estimates one-million volts per centimeter and conduct the electrical charge through particles traveling in the air that usually act as insulation. As described at the outset, these discharges may illuminate and flash when stimulated by the energetic velocity from the rock formations and tectonic pressure reactions.

Besides Seismic Waves and other Acoustic Waves, stress or heating (Volcanic?) stimulate these Ionospheric Perturbations causing the affected rocks to form Electric Batteries ready to discharge. This is a conversion of Mechanical Energy to Electrical Energy sort of like Hydroelectric Power Stations are mechanical to electrical energy conversions, or, more similarly like static produced by friction.

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It has been reported that changes in electromagnetic frequencies around living organisms from naturally generated forces are often concurrent with clusters of automobile electrical malfunctions, increase of light bulb expiration, spontaneous fires and even suicides in susceptible persons.

Today there are some researchers investigating this phenomena hoping to use the data collected in order to predict through infrared satellite imaging when the next big earthquake may strike. These predictions could possibly save many lives as the pressure build-up may occur many months prior to an earthquake.

Other researchers are investigating these natural events to determine if they might be interfering with human neurology and contributing to some of the reports of para-normal phenomena such as ghosts and UFOs.


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