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Now You Are Breathing Fire: The Song Of The Dragon

The Song Of The Dragon

Now You Are Breathing Fire

You might be one of the people who does not understand what hypnosis actually is. That is O.K. because there is a lot of confusion about hypnosis.

Sometimes it seems like the misinformation about hypnosis is intentionally spread around to scare people.

The interesting thing is that when you believe and accept the stupid and misleading ideas about hypnosis, you have actually been hypnotized.

If you stay away from hypnotists and act in a fearful or ignorant way about hypnosis, you are actually acting out a post-hypnotic suggestion.

Words are very powerful. Words have the power to create behavior patterns in people like believing that hypnosis is some evil force.

Shaping The Formless

But words are formless and neutral. Words respond directly to the nature of our thoughts.

Because words can create, it is very wise of us to be mindful and aware of the nature of our thoughts.

We can create very successful lives by speaking the truth of who we really are into the world.

The life of our dreams can be made when we develop an authentic and powerful character because that is the nature of our thoughts.

Our thoughts will become our words. Words become our actions. Actions become our results. It is as exact as mathematical science.

Hypnosis is an exact mathematical science. What you think, speak and act will be what you are. This is the essence of the hypnotic science.

The secret of hypnosis is that it is something you always do to yourself. You are the one who decides what thoughts you will allow.

It Is All About You

It does not matter if you are rich or poor. You can make the change happen right now.

You are the one who decides what thoughts you will allow to grow in your garden of suggestion and become your spoken words.

You are the one who decides what words you will speak into the world as a magickal spell and become your actions.

You are the one who will live the life you create because of the actions that become the results you experience in your life.

If you are down on yourself and your life feels broken you may not want to take ownership of everything around you.

It is very difficult for almost anyone to admit their responsibility for creating a life that is filled with fear and pain.

Hybernus Mortis (Dead Winter)

Fear is cold and frozen. It is still like a river turned into ice. It is something that preserves the dead.

When we think fearful thoughts our words are like dead, ice-cold and frozen blocks. We can see the vapor on the wind with each exhale.

Those frozen and cold words create blocks of ice that get in the way of effective action. Cold and dead is the world that results.

You may feel yourself shivering and alone. Cold and lonely. Tears on your face never make it to the ground because they freeze on your face.

You may be depressed and sad and feel like there is no hope. You may be without the resources or money that you need and feel like giving up.

Your heart has been broken and betrayed time and time again and you don’t know if you can ever find true romantic love.

Someone has hurt you physically or emotionally. You feel abused and have lost all trust and your hope is broken.

You might feel like there is no way out of the trouble you have created no matter what it is; and you just want it to all end right now.

This is a dark place for you. A cold and isolated world that you may have created. But you just have to listen very carefully…

Enter The Science Of Silence

Quiet your cries for a moment. Make still your anguish and pain. Create a space of silence so that the beating of your heart is felt and heard.

There is a rhythm in your heart. It beats like a drum. Like the drum of a shaman. It is the rhythm of your life force and breath.

Your heart is beating because you really want to live. If you did not want life you would not be able to experience this message and go on.

Your heart is alive with the rhythm of your soul and is full of the flame of Love and vitality. You are a vibrant source of Love.

Nothing outside of you needs to validate you. You may have had cold thoughts, icy breath, frozen action and dead results.

Life may have seemed like a dead and barren winter. But it is only because you have not listened to your heart.

In the silence of your meditation you can feel and hear the rhythm of your heart playing a song of joy. The beat gets louder and more powerful.

Listen to the beat and feel yourself warming up to the dance. You can do this. Let the flame grow hotter and brighter within your heart and mind.

The rhythm of your heart, the harmony in your mind and the dance of your soul. You can hear what is really you. You are beautiful and powerful!

Awaken The Beast

Mythological creature of your world you rise up and spread your wings, ready to sail the skies.

The fire lights up your mind and ignites your thoughts with Love. And as you look and the frozen, cold and dead world around; you speak.

Out pours the flames. You speak life into the world and melt-down the ice blocks that once stopped your efforts to be free.

Out rains the fire on your voice as you believe in the life you speak into the world full of hope and joy and Love.

You are no longer just speaking. You are singing a wonderful melody. You are the choir of harmonious life. You sing The Song of the Dragon.

No matter how stuck and frozen you may have been before, you can make the change from within.

The hypnotic trance that you once accepted before is being transformed and you reform the formless and neutral to bend to your will.

You are the one who decides what thoughts you will allow. And you choose to be powerful. You choose to go on and be free.

You can free yourself from whatever keeps you unhappy. It does not matter if you are rich or poor. You can make the change happen right now.

Breathing Fire

Allow the flames of love to spread throughout your heart and mind to ignite your thoughts. Sing the Song of the Dragon and light up your world.

Hope may have seemed lost and your heart felt like it was walled in with ice. Your voice may have been weak, cold and icy vapors clung to your breath.

But you are wonderful and beautiful and powerful. You know what is within you and how to use it. You are the power. Let it free from your mind.

Let the Love spread from your heart all around and create and recreate your once frozen world. Burn away the fear.

Speak a magnificent vision into the world with your harmonious voice. All the blocks now melt away at your command.

Now you are breathing fire.

I Believe In You.

Believe In YourSelf.

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