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The Action Roots of Self-Hypnosis for Personal Development

(Exercising Your Mind) Now we shall see what grows from the roots of self-hypnosis for personal development.

In the last installment, I offered to share with you some very powerful techniques that you can use to persist in developing into the best version of yourself.

And the process is simple; but just like many other goals that are worthwhile, it is definitely not easy.

But you can follow a few instructions that have been tested before with great results to get similar or better results.

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Remember that the roots of self hypnosis are planted through persistence. It all depends on what you insist on thinking about.

With so many distractions and suggestions that could potentially pull us down, we need something to take hold if so that we can LIFT OURSELVES UP.

The key point is that we need to neutralize or zero out the thinking, attitudes and behaviors that bring us down, and then reverse them into thoughts, attitudes and behaviors that lift us up.

So how do we do this?

I will remind you that some of these strategies and tactics are so simple they may surprise you.

Lets call them “actions”

Action #1:

Media Swap – Gradually begin to change what you are watching from mindless entertainment into meaningful images and motion pictures.

The photos, television, movies and other visual media that you view will implant into your mind very powerful scenes that may shape the way you dwell in your imagination. Your imagination will become interpreted into emotions and words.

Action #2:

Remixed Feelings – Begin to monitor your emotions and feelings. This is especially true when the feelings and emotions are negative or bad.

Take some time to pause and allow yourself to feel the bad emotion, and allow yourself to logically think about why you are upset. This is very difficult but it is at this point that you must attempt to focus on something that you look forward to, or something that has helped you to feel good before.

Action #3:

Word Up – Emotions and feelings get translated into words. But words also have an effect on the way we feel. So it is up to us to carefully choose the words we speak.

I am sure you can remember a few times that  you have felt terrible when someone insulted you, or on the other hand, you have felt great when you were complimented.

Instead of insulting and assaulting yourself with anxiety, fear and doubt; you should do your best to compliment yourself with self talk of calm, boldness and confidence.


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These three actions are truly self-hypnosis because they are things that you have to do for yourself. Again, simple – but definitely not easy.

In the next few installments, we will go over the relationship between persistence and the Laws of Self-Hypnosis, as well as The Garden of Suggestion.


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