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Where do I begin? I trained with Hakeem for 5 1/2 months and during
that span I lost over 50 lbs, learned about nutrition, and I also became
a “Kung Fu” master.

Before that I lacked self discipline, I was always
miserable, and most of all I was unmotivated.

My life has totally
changed thanks to his teachings and for that I always be grateful. Oh
and his music is awesome!!

Thanks Hakeem!” – Nick Goshulak

(Exercising Your Mind) Yes. There was a time when I began to notice that people began to become healthier, and more fit just by being around me.

Suddenly, I did not even have to say a word to others about being healthier.

This even happened when I was around people who had very unhealthy habits.

Think about how much more fit you can be when you actually hear my words!

People who ate, slept and thought in very unhealthy ways, began to be more healthy; just from my presence.

I smiled very proudly when I realized this.

It was at this time that I began to understand what it truly means to be a Master-Mind.

Basically, a Master-Mind is a person who thinks and believes only what they want to think and believe, no matter what other people are doing, or what environment they are in.

Imagine how effective you would be at creating the type of physical fitness and health you really desire, when you are able to have this type of focused discipline.

You can do this more consistently when you understand very clearly, and certainly that all of your success in fitness and life, begins with your way of thinking – because you have proven it to yourself.

*But I have to warn you.*

There was a girl I knew who refused to accept that she was not always thinking for herself.

Even though she was not getting the results that she wanted, AND it was obvious that she was acting out the habits, and behaving in the same way as the people around her who had poor health habits!

She did not want to accept the truth about reality.

The truth is that what we are giving our attention to – consciously or unconsciously – that means whether we know it or admit it – what we give our attention to creates our results in fitness and life.

You have to be honest with yourself if you are not getting the fitness results that you want; especially if you feel like you have “tried everything“.

In my signature programs, I help you awaken in yourself the powerful ability you have to succeed as you choose.

The girl I knew was not being honest with herself about what may have been holding her back; and so she did not make the progress that she claimed she really wanted.

But with you, because you are reading this, I suspect that you are ready to be honest with yourself so that you can look and feel healthier, sexier, and more desirable by getting what you want.

And it is just for people like you that I have put together a powerful combination of 3 of the worlds most effective health advancement systems.

By people like you, I mean those who are honest with themselves and ready to make the changes in their thinking and behavior that will get the results desired any time you want.

Sometimes this magical combination takes a little while to notice, but other times it happens so fast that it almost seems like it happens in an instant!

It is always exciting to explore where the next person will fit in on this time-line of transformation.

Which one are you? Slow-cooking, or instant?

No matter how quickly or patiently you get results, it is all right.

The point is in getting the results that you really want.

And this is exactly what you will experience with this revolutionary combination of Hypnosis, Yoga, and Capoeira.

If you are not familiar with these, or maybe a little intimidated by what you may have heard or thought you learned about them before; prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

The way that I have learned about these systems I have combined, were all with the understanding of improving life, and being the best version of myself possible.

And it is with this understanding that I can help you to be the best version of yourself.

Because when you are looking for some specific thing, you tend to get that thing.

In this case the things we are sharing here are the health and fitness results that you really want.

You would not be reading this far if you were not determined to be the best you possible.

And it all starts from the inside out.

By inside I mean your thoughts and mind and,

By outside I mean your behavior and body.

Are you ready to be a Master-Mind, and live in a body that you master?

Most people allow their bodies to master them with food-cravings, laziness caused by fatigue, and negative emotions and feelings that keep them in a prison of doubt and fear.

But you can be the MASTER of all of these things when you learn from the world’s most powerful secrets; all hidden and locked-away within you waiting to be discovered.

You know you can make it happen, and if you don’t know that you can, very soon after calling me you most certainly will know that you can!

818-430-5441 /

One of the most fascinating things about all of this is that you can learn how to apply these methods into your own life wherever you are in the world.

We can discover your personal transformation power by phone, in person, and / or on-line!

Hypnosis teaches you a form of goal directed meditation to keep you motivated and focused.

Yoga is a way to understand your body and mind connection so that you can progress effectively.

Capoeira is a system of dynamic physical understanding that keeps you on a path of powerful development.

And with a FREE consultation, and the special introduction of 3-sessions for $100.00; you will begin a brand new understanding of exactly how you can put these 3 systems to work for you  immediately!

You can hear yourself saying “it’s my time!” – and it really will be. It is your time when you open up to the possibilities of being the best version of yourself, ever.

It is your time to be a Master-Mind, and Master your Body right now.

Hakeem Alexander
(001) 818.430-xxxx
PROFESSOR of HypnoAthletics at UniquilibriuM

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