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When Sleep Paralysis Visits: Terror Of The Nightmare

Terror Of The Nightmare

When Sleep Paralysis Visits

I have been a lucid dreamer for as long as I can remember. When I was about four years old, I remember being very disappointed when waking up.

I was upset because the G.I. Joe toys and the bundles of money that I was clinging onto, when I knew I was about to wake up was not in the “real world” of being awake.

Some time later, when I watched the first “A Nightmare on Elm Street” movie, I was even more confused that “Nancy” could bring “Freddy Kruger “out, but I didn’t get my toys and cash.

But this did not stop me from attempting to make this happen. And to my great delight, I achieved something very close to this type of dream weaving power!

I began to notice very shortly after, that many of the things that I would hold my attention on, would eventually show up in my life.

This was very natural to me, and I did not need any oojie-boojie, airy-fairy, New-Age, Metaphysical, Super-Natural or occult stunts of any kind.

This is just the way it was for me.

But something soon became very interesting. And it involved visitations from at least four different non-human beings that I know of.

Ancient Insects

The first time it happened it was when I lived in The Bronx, New York. I was nine or ten years old at the time.

As I lay in bed, I was awakened, fully alert and aware.

There, upon the rooftop of the porch below my room, were two strange looking beings that I identified in 2011 as being “Insectoids“, or “Ancients”.

I did NOT feel comfortable, but I was not afraid at the same time. There were two of them, and one was standing up and very tall.

The upright one wore a long trench-coat type of gear with a high collar. The other one was like a dog almost, and was on all fours.

 I am not sure if it was a domestic creature, pet of the high-collar being, or if it was on hands-and-knees, just about to crawl into my window.

They both had large, red, tear-drop shaped eyes that almost glowed.

I do not remember anything else that happened that night.

At a later time, after a night of heavy drinking with the guys from my Death Metal band, “Acrimonium”, in High School, I had a sleep-paralysis episode.

I saw a miniature version of one of these insectoids, riding the ceiling-fan in the living room where I had crashed-out. I called out and my younger brother came in, and briefly saw it.

“What the fuck was that?”

The Nordic-Reptilian War

I found myself in a large, fenced in courtyard of some kind. It reminded me of a completely empty, New York School Recreation Area.

Standing diagonally to my left was an almost naked, super-hot white chick, with blonde hair, and green eyes.

She was dressed like a combination of She-Ra, and Wonder-Woman. But definitely less covering. Anyway she was hot, blonde, and had green eyes. I was in love.

And she was communicating with me telepathically. The one thing I remember very clearly is that I thought her name at the time was “ANDROMEDA“.

It very well could be her name, but you may also know that it is the galaxy that is said to be the nearest neighbor to our Milky Way Galaxy, named Andromeda.

I will give a lot of fictional references, because I have nothing else to reference these beings from in any declassified scientific literature, or other documentation at all.

As soon as she voicelessly communicated the name Andromeda to me, a very silent flying craft hovered down about 40 yards away from where we stood.

A green man came out of the aircraft who looked a lot like Mer-Man, except a lot more green, and lizard-like in appearance.

He quickly shot Andromeda with some sort of laser-gun right between her boobs, and killed her. At least I thought she was killed.

It was very sad for me to see her with a circular, black, burned hole in her chest, fallen and unconscious. I was very disturbed, but then found
myself in my bed at home.

Interestingly, I later found out in 2011, that there are supposedly two races of beings fighting each other, called The Nordics and The Reptilians, which fit their descriptions.

Two Shades Of Gray

As a twenty-two year old adult, I encountered the most famous non-human, possibly extra-terrestrial, alien beings of them all.

And this was a close encounter of The Fourth Kind!

I was listening to the newly released Linkin Park song “Runaway” from the album “Hybrid Theory“.

This is a nice coincidence, especiially if you have read David Jacob’s book “The Threat” as I eventually did, after a long battle with nightmarish visitations, that forced me to do more research in 2011 and 2012.

Anyway, as I was listening to the lyrics, “I wanna shut the doors, and open up my mind“, in the middle of a bright, sunlight afternoon mind you, I was paralyzed.

The room filled up with a brown-orange smog that completely consumed the space. Every particle was made up of a yellowish, glowing material.

There was a two and a half feet tall, grey-alien standing by the bedroom door, at the foot end of my body and far left, keeping guard I assumed.

This is because its head, and big-ass bug-eyes kept perfect time looking at me, then back at the door, and me again, over and over again.

The really creepy thing is that the other one was sitting, or squatting on my chest. Its head was horrifyingly vibrating back and forth. I think its tongue was out.

I was scared and grossed out. But I had just been teaching myself a self defense move that I named the “Thumb-Knife”, intended to pierce flesh and cause massive injury.

So I used it of course. Right into the torso area where the ribs might be.

I slammed my hand and thumb into its rubbery and gross little body with the might of fright.

Suddenly the mist cleared the room and they were gone. All I was left with was Linkin Park and my horror. I had never been interested in aliens that much before.

But then and there, I joined the fringe-class of alien-abductees and UFO freaks in the world.

I had been visited by aliens as an adult.

The other two incidents I could write off as childhood fantasy. But this was in the middle of the day while I was wide-awake, and all too real.

When Sleep Paralysis Visits

One very useful thing I eventually learned, was that I could stop the experiences of alien visitations astral projecting, and out of body experiences from happening through changing the food I ate

Because it really started happening after I had been drinking alcohol or binging on sugar. And I learned in 2004 about a “Hypoglycemic Diet” from HMI.

After about two or three months of practice, I finally started to get the hang of this whole dietary-control business.

And then my good friend Kevin Green showed me a documentary called “The Corporation” that really set me straight about eating the “right way”.

It has been quite a struggle but I have gotten to the point of no return when it comes to healthy eating.

If I eat crap and die it is my own stupidity.

But while I have been eating like a champ, there is no more “Alien Wrestling” as my good friend and business partner Mihaela calls it.

And I have actually been able to have some great degree of control over mybexperiences when I go on these missions by altering my blood sugar.

It all started as a way to stop them from from happening, but now I have a way to quantum-leap into alien worlds, almost at will.

Terror Of The Nightmare

But to be quite honest, I really do not feel like I am in control of this interdimensional and alien business. I am just a pawn in the game.

It is terrifying. Even for a studly, and macho “Capoeira, Jiu-Jitsu Grandmaster” such as myself.

It is not a comfortable thing.

Especially when the mainstream-media, and scientific community insists that you must be crazy, or lying when you claim to have experiences like this.

So, do you think I have been out of body? Or am I just out of my mind?

I Believe In You.

Believe In YourSelf.


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  1. I think you’ve had the most amazing experiences! And no, you’re not crazy. You’ve just been out of body, exploring the dimensions! Don’t know too many people who have had or are even brave enough to share such experiences. I, for one, am glad you’re sharing them. Thanks!

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