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Hakeem Alexander – New York Times Filmography

New York Times Filmography

Hakeem Alexander

I found a listing from a TV show that I worked on many years ago.

Actually there were a few shows but this is the only credit I got from the company.

It is pretty cool that I got even that. Every so often I Google the name Hakeem Alexander to see what pops up.

It is an internet marketing thing. Checking on the good ‘ol SEO skills ya know?

A friend of mine who went to film school at the University of Miami and then to Avid Film Camp taught me her post production skills.

Soon after that I was hired by Original Post which is a subsidiary of Original Productions as an assistant editor on the Avid.

It was a very great experience for me working there. But then I quit to make an attempt at being an entrepreneur.

A mission I am thankful to be continuing this very day.

The New York Times page has a listing that reads:



  • Monster Garage (TV Series)

You can view the Hakeem Alexander New York Times FILMOGRAPHY by visiting this link

And that’s it. I should probably add more. I have a pretty good stretch of work behind the scenes on a lot of film an TV projects.

But it would probably be pointless. I have a very difficult time working for anyone very long. Even on fun stuff.

That is because I am not as free to do as I like. I have since learned to tame some of that for the right reasons.

But I am best suited as a business builder and an entrepreneur.

I am learning to use business building, marketing and sales skills both on the internet and offline in the world of handshakes.

Just another page in a great story that I am thankful to be living the script that I am writing.

I am curious to know what pops up on Google when you search “Hakeem Alexander“.

Or on any search engines for that matter. Anything interesting stick out to you? I’d like to know your thoughts.

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