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Sadness In The Joy Of Music: The Seduction Of Indenju

The Seduction Of Indenju

Sadness In The Joy Of Music

Sad music might actually evoke positive emotions reveals a new study by Japanese researchers published in the open-access journal Frontiers in Psychology. The findings help to explain why people enjoy listening to sad music, say Ai Kawakami and colleagues from Tokyo University of the Arts and the RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan.

Kawakami and colleagues asked 44 volunteers, including both musicians and non-specialists, to listen to two pieces of sad music and one piece of happy music. Each participant was required to use a set of keywords to rate both their perception of the music and their own .”

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Hakeem, I am touched to know that my telling you of that sudden loss of my wife & soul-mate, inspired your song ‘HAUNTED‘. The lyrics express Deep understanding!- Thanks for sharing.” John Rush

The Sadness In The Joy Of Music is a fact of our existence. It is a good thing. A great thing. Tuning in to sad music is a wonderful way to experience great joy through contrast, gratitude and fantasy.

I know this through direct experience because I  compose, produce, perform and record many sad songs that inspire great joy within me. This is The Seduction Of Indenju.

When you visit, you can listen to the live, “field recordings” of the solo, acoustic guitar and vocal project “Indenju“.

These recordings are “melodic, rhythmic raw, forlorn, harmonious, melancholy and haunting“. My ears always find some new fascinating aspect of my very fundamentally arranged compositions.

It often feels as if the music were written by a being other than myself. This entity simply use my physical body to create music based upon exaggerations of life experiences and imagination.

Is A Belle Ringing?

One of the latest releases from The Seduction Of Indenju, is called “Is A Belle Ringing?” You can watch the video of the song recorded live with my Samsung GALAXY SIII mobile device.

You may also listen to the recording that was stripped from the video on and on

You can read the lyrics on ReverbNation or on my poetry blog at

The scientific research says that “Sad music might actually evoke positive emotions…”; but I know from experience that sad music does evoke positive emotions.

Begin your journey through Sadness In The Joy Of Music by opening up to The Seduction Of Indenju. Listen to the tracks, read the lyrics, cry tears of sadness and joy and share the music.

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