OM2 / Moon Phase PodCast / Feed The Need

(Exercising Your Mind) Announcing a new open mic Monday, March 9th, Broadcasting on the Moon Phases, and an introduction to a work in progress to feed some hungry people. Music of Zane Reynolds, Emcee Emphasis, The CHIMPZ, Kaisi Berick: The … Continue reading

Hypnosis 4

4 Hypnosis (Exercising Your Mind) You are able to take ideas that you find or are given to you and make them very real for you. The question for many us is “Why are we making real the ideas that … Continue reading

Mind Power Maps Inception Extraction Deception

Hypnosis in all of its forms including those that are constructive or destructive is everywhere in our society. There is hypnosis in every form of media for your good and for your bad.
You can determine most clearly how hypnosis effects you when you know the basics of what hypnosis is all about.

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Your Purpose Is To Succeed Right Now

When you can work out in your own mind to a complete understanding exactly what you desire to attract and earn as Passive Income Number, you can then create a value to deposit into the world that matches and is “deserving” of your desired passive income.

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UniquilibriuM: The Will To Know Thy Self

(Exercising Your Mind) Compiled by Hakeem Alexander for HypnoAthletics You will remain in the same undesired places, covering lots of distance with no displacement from your current position until you act upon your reality with the force of new thoughts … Continue reading

HypnoAthletics: Possible GeoPhysical and Hypnotic Influences on Observed Correlations in Astrology

I thought it would be interesting to look into what Astrology’s predictions might have to do with a unique combination of the intensity of sunlight, temperature, latitude either north or south of the equator and whether it is day or night when one is born. It is no far stretch of the imagination to think that seasonal changes and variations in sunlight may have significant effects on personality and behavior.

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Muscular Hypertrophy: Building Muscle Mass

The best way to gain muscle is through sensible resistence training and a logical nutritional program.

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Impaled Sky

Beaming for one and a half hours can generate the power equal to a Hydrogen Bomb.

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Igneous Rock Formations May Act as Charge Carriers

causing the affected rocks to form Electric Batteries ready to discharge

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