Successful Action With Numerology

(Exercising Your Mind) The Science of Getting Rich is using The Science of Mind to Think and Grow Rich. “…the type of thought which we allow to become habitual will sooner or later find expression on the plane of action.” … Continue reading

Money, Magic, MetaPhysics, and Music!

(Exercising Your Mind) Did you know that you could use Numerology to figure out the best time to attract more money into your life? Using Hypnosis you can “will-away” warts in a very unusual way. In 2007, MySpace was used … Continue reading

Wealth, Numerology, Dreams, and Capoeira

(Exercising Your Mind) I did not even drink coffee this morning, and for some reason I was talking 322 kilometers per second for this podcast! But I did manage to get a bit more clear about the HypnoAthletics focus. And … Continue reading

OM2 / Moon Phase PodCast / Feed The Need

(Exercising Your Mind) Announcing a new open mic Monday, March 9th, Broadcasting on the Moon Phases, and an introduction to a work in progress to feed some hungry people. Music of Zane Reynolds, Emcee Emphasis, The CHIMPZ, Kaisi Berick: The … Continue reading

A Zeitgeist Train of New Thought

By Hakeem Alexander “We need to change our way of thinking, or perish“ – Jacque Fresco (Exercising Your Mind) Anyone or any organizations that have really good intentions and are seeking truth, are ultimately talking about and striving for the … Continue reading

Fan Appreciation For The ChimpzNation: The Chimpz Rock The House Of Blues

Once again, the sensational group The Chimpz lit up the stage with power, precision and a dynamic performance that had the crowd jumping with enthusiasm.

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The Chimpz – “Victim”: Music Video From The Album “Who Can I Trust”

I don’t know exactly how they felt that it went, but The Chimpz video shoot for “Victim” was one of the most expertly executed music video shoots I have been on.

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