Scientific Numerology Powered By Hypnotic Suggestion

(Exercising Your Mind) Numerology just got a power up into the scientific world, thanks to hypnotic suggestion! And you can get your own boost of personal-power too, by exploring with me this weird world of metaphysics, the subconscious mind, pseudo-science, … Continue reading

Wake Up Now 5

5 Wake Up Now (Exercising Your Mind) There is a very powerful teaching that I learned while browsing some buddhist writing that teaches about the effects of anger with another person. It says that being angry with another person is … Continue reading

Wake Up Now

Freedom Is Simple Wake Up Now (Exercising Your Mind) Freedom is simple; all you have to do is wake up now. That is all there is to it. But so many of us do not find it necessary to wake … Continue reading

Cultivating the Subconscious Mind

it appears that the subconscious mind has about 5-million times more power to influence your thoughts and behavior than your conscious mind does.

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