Self-Care is a Health ‘Must,’ not a ‘Maybe’

Self-Care is a Health ‘Must,’ not a ‘Maybe’ By Monica Smith Making time for self-care is important for one’s mental health. It means doing simple things that give you joy and that make life worth living. It’s also about simple actions … Continue reading

It’s Simple: Better Sleep = Better Mental Health

It’s Simple: Better Sleep = Better Mental Health By Cheryl Conklin The alarm goes off. You lift your head from the pillow to check the time and, though only half awake, you try to do a quick calculation. It’s been … Continue reading

Hypnos, Morpheus, Eros, Hades, Olympus, and Neo Fall Down The Rabbit Hole.

(Exercising Your Mind) | Alice did not predict that this would ever happen. Welcome to WonderLand. 8 Power. Money. Fame. The Numeral 8 delivers. There are 7 links here to get you started. The 8th reading  is your key to … Continue reading

Hypnosis 7

7 Hypnosis Sleep Aid (Exercising Your Mind) What would you do to get better sleep? [Check out the Hypnosis Video for Sleep at the bottom of this article.] So many of you reading this are willing to do almost anything … Continue reading

Wake Up Now 0

0 Wake Up Now (Exercising Your Mind) Hypnosis is a very strange word to label something that is not sleep. Because the word hypnosis comes from the Greek God of Sleep named Hypnos. So that maybe when those folks who … Continue reading

S.C.R.A.W.L. – Super Conscious Royal Alien Wrestling League

Altering blood sugar may just be like changing the station on a radio receiver or a television channel. Think about that.

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Pool Of The Black Star: The Dark Portal Of Wealth

These streams of power that are your imaginings and dreams can create the future that you desire. As soon as you become as clear as the star that provides light to solar systems.

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Eros: Olympus Has Fallen In Love

Because we cast spells when we do spell out the words that write the stories of our lives. So should we play with crayons or knives? Shall we solve equations with pencils or razors? Are we signing agreements of Peace with Pens; or signing declarations of war with Swords?

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Hypnos Sleeps While Olympus Has Fallen

This is the light from the Fire of the Sun. The stars that rise from the East bringing the first shining of the day. Opening the eyes once closed by the real beasts who conceal the truth by sending the cloak of hypnotic delusion.

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Contacting S.P.A.C.E. on H.A.L.O. – Delta Experiments

In dreams I can manipulate or control the “physics” of my environment in radical ways. I am also a bit more “militant”. While HALO-Delta is a Research and Development branch of my dream concept, I have created a more militarized concept. This is known as S.P.A.C.E., the Sentience Protection Agency & Cosmic Embassy.

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