The MetaPhysical Roots of Self-Hypnosis for Personal Development

(Exercising Your Mind) What do you know of that is above and beyond the physical world? We have already explored together the roots, and the action roots of self hypnosis for personal development. Now, we are going to get metaphysical. … Continue reading

The Action Roots of Self-Hypnosis for Personal Development

(Exercising Your Mind) Now we shall see what grows from the roots of self-hypnosis for personal development. In the last installment, I offered to share with you some very powerful techniques that you can use to persist in developing into … Continue reading

The Roots of Self-Hypnosis for Personal Development

(Exercising Your Mind) I have been struggling with addictions of all sorts for many years. I am not alone in this battle. Self medication to dull and forget the pains. Searching for a way to be free, I have educated … Continue reading

Secrets Of Power, Money, And Fame

(Exercising Your Mind) How do you calculate Power, Money, And Fame for yourself using your birthday? Is it possible that you can learn how to do this for yourself to take advantage of specific states of consciousness in order to … Continue reading

Wake Up Now 7

7 Wake Up Now The Top 10 Reasons You Need To Have Me As Your Mobile Hypnotist (Exercising Your Mind) Have you ever wished you could multiply your efforts so that all of the energy you put out each day … Continue reading

The Ultimate Hypnosis F.A.N.T.A.S.Y.

F.A.N.T.A.S.Y. The Ultimate Hypnosis “Are you ready!!!” – Korn; Blind (Exercising Your Mind) You should prepare for take-off! Because you are about to launch into one of the most transformational, Wealth Attraction and Self-Improvement reading experiences in this Galaxy! This … Continue reading

Totally Healthy And Fully Functional – A Self-Hypnosis Exercise

To act, think, breathe, sleep, move, drink, eat, rest and believe in ways that are Totally Healthy and Fully Functional is to be Totally Healthy and Fully Functional.

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Cultivating the Subconscious Mind

it appears that the subconscious mind has about 5-million times more power to influence your thoughts and behavior than your conscious mind does.

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