Hypoglycemia: The High Cost Of Low Blood Sugar

(Exercising Your Mind) Hakeem Alexander |┬áHakeem@HypnoAthletics.com The symptoms of hypoglycemia are caused by the sustained stress it produces, causing food and chemical allergies, asthma, chronic yeast infections, confusion, chronic fatigue, weakness, visual disturbances, headaches, mood swings, anxiety and other emotional … Continue reading

Being Super-Human Through HypnoGenomics

(Exercising Your Mind) Help me count the passages. Do we have 16, 17, or 18? Hakeem@HypnoAthletics.com In all of these sci-fi examples there is a very relevant truth regarding human health and vitality. I theorize that if we could visit … Continue reading

The Connection between Hypoglycemia and Depression

it has been observed that the regulation of optimum blood-sugar levels through corrective dietary programs, improves a person’s physical condition, emotional state and energy levels.

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Pharmacogenetic Model May Provide Clues for Biocompatible and Sustainable Living

These genetic differences may explain why a group of people may be exposed to
the same chemicals, but only a few will develop any adverse reactions to them.
This may also be able to explain the meteoric rise in obesity, diabetes, autism,
Alzheimer’s and other diseases. …

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Many Misunderstood and Ignored Causes and Treatments of Acute and Chronic Mental Health Disorders

It is often assumed that because something can not be measured by a standard model, then it does not exist or should not be measured using an innovative approach.

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11 American States Oppose Federal Government

inhibition of lung carcinoma, lymphoma / leukemia, glioma, brain tumors, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer.

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