How To Achieve Your Optimum Body Weight

(Hakeem Alexander) (Exercising Your Mind) The form of energy you put in is chemical energy in the form of food, which may be measured in Calories. Basically, the more movement or exercise you commit your body to engage in, … Continue reading

Being Super-Human Through HypnoGenomics

(Exercising Your Mind) Help me count the passages. Do we have 16, 17, or 18? In all of these sci-fi examples there is a very relevant truth regarding human health and vitality. I theorize that if we could visit … Continue reading

New Moon Straight Edge PodCast [March 20th]

(Exercising Your Mind) Representing some breakthrough ideas for Personal Development. Based on a different way of thinking about Metaphysics as M.E.T.A.-Physics. READ: The Hard Way is the Easy Way: Persistence and Personal Development Any-time any-one attempts to discourage you from … Continue reading

Learn This Secret To A More Powerful Memory And Improved Health

For A More Powerful Memory And Improved Health Learn This Secret (Exercising Your Mind) This is very important, so I will just get right to it. Because this is something that you absolutely must do to improve the quality of … Continue reading

Billion-Dollar Digestion: The Reason I Eat Bugs And Dirt

I later noticed that I was actually eating lots of bugs and dirt because of this as I looked more closely. But I never felt ill, nauseous or in any way negatively effected by this activity.

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The Connection between Hypoglycemia and Depression

it has been observed that the regulation of optimum blood-sugar levels through corrective dietary programs, improves a person’s physical condition, emotional state and energy levels.

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Becoming Super-Human through Toxin Elimination and Nutrition

a first action to be healthy and vibrant is not to add more to our systems to
achieve health, but simply to eliminate the poisons entering from the outside,
through food and the environment. …

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