Use Art And Music As A Tool For Addiction Recovery

Use Art And Music  As A Tool For Addiction Recovery By Monica Smith It has been known for a long time that creative endeavor is good for you: the benefits include improved mental health, cognitive function and even physical well-being. But while … Continue reading

Notes On A.C.I.D.

(Hakeem Alexander) I have practiced, and documented peaks in ‘performance’ and momentous manifestations of previously undiscovered skills that last, in several disciplines such as: creative writing and poetry, drawing and other visual arts, musical instruments, and singing, dancing and … Continue reading

Money, Magic, MetaPhysics, and Music!

(Exercising Your Mind) Did you know that you could use Numerology to figure out the best time to attract more money into your life? Using Hypnosis you can “will-away” warts in a very unusual way. In 2007, MySpace was used … Continue reading

A=432Hz Cancer Cure (SF/F) EYM -HA- HypnoGenomics: KronoCycler [SubQuantum Agitation]

So far this appears to be a cure for cancer as well as an undetermined number of other diseases and illnesses due to the fact that all harmful, toxic and carcinogenic substances and residues are completely removed from the cell / organism through SQA.

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Sadness In The Joy Of Music: The Seduction Of Indenju

The Sadness In The Joy Of Music is a fact of our existence. It is a good thing. A great thing. Tuning in to sad music is a wonderful way to experience great joy through contrast, gratitude and fantasy.

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Shira Winitzky: Capoeira In The Valley

Saturday July 20th 2013 from 11am until 2pm come join us for some Capoeira Fun!

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Fan Appreciation For The ChimpzNation: The Chimpz Rock The House Of Blues

Once again, the sensational group The Chimpz lit up the stage with power, precision and a dynamic performance that had the crowd jumping with enthusiasm.

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Acoustically Unsound: (TEASER VIDEO) UNSOUND Unplugged At M Bar

The UNSOUND Unplugged show at M Bar is certain to be a landmark in the history of this astounding group of performers.

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William Robert Brun: May Your Muse Love You All Your Life

This was an impromptu session to 6 people including William Robert Brun of course, after the musicians on stage were done and everyone was socializing it up and drinking.

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