Do You Drool When They Ring The Dinner Bell?

(Hakeem Alexander) (Exercising Your Mind) Most of our long held, beliefs, emotions, traditions and cultures, are actually very cleverly disguised, mass-indoctrination tools used to create a predictable, and alterable behavior system. READ The Original “Ring The Dinner Bell – … Continue reading

Forensic Hypnosis And Serial Brain Washing

(HypnoAthletics)¬†However much it is rejected by most scholars, mind control is a scientific fact, and can be proven through the basic, objective observations of Forensic Hypnosis. The term Forensic Hypnosis as used here, is distinctly different than the use of … Continue reading

HypnoPhysics: The Structural Engineering Of MonoCulturation

(Exercising Your Mind) You can feel the prison, even if you are not able to see it. All around you, the density of the trap is there, and only until you step out of the cage, you may not know … Continue reading

Memetically Engineered Feuds: Division And Conquest

(Exercising Your Mind) 954.487-0014 | The Two Party Trap Black Lives Matter A Memetically Engineered Feud is a purposefully created conflict of ideas, usually for the purpose of division and conquest of a targeted culture. Malicious, viral propaganda. … Continue reading

The Most Complete Secrets To Cracking The Code Of Mind Control

Cracking The Code Of Mind Control The Most Complete Secrets (Exercising Your Mind) People just like you, who do not yet know about these secrets to cracking the code of mind control, have been left out in the cold. There … Continue reading

The Biggest, Hidden Danger About Hypnosis In Our Society

Hypnosis In Our Society The Biggest, Hidden Danger ***Shop Health*** (Exercising Your Mind) There is a hidden danger about hypnosis in our society that almost no one is aware of. My training as a Master Hypnotist in College first … Continue reading

2 Things EveryOne Needs To Know About The Hypnosis Pandemic

¬†The Hypnosis Pandemic 2 Things EveryOne Needs To Know About (Exercising Your Mind) Have you ever wondered why certain things just don’t seem to make sense when you are told certain things by so-called “authorities“? Do you having a nagging … Continue reading

Wake Up Now 7

7 Wake Up Now The Top 10 Reasons You Need To Have Me As Your Mobile Hypnotist (Exercising Your Mind) Have you ever wished you could multiply your efforts so that all of the energy you put out each day … Continue reading

Hypnosis 5

5 Hypnosis (Exercising Your Mind) You can influence your body with your mind, so that you can feel better with greater health. Right now this is something that I certainly need to focus on. Because I know from experience that … Continue reading

Capture The Vision Of The Hypnotic Abyss

The Hypnotic Abyss Capture The Vision “Separate yourself from the machine, embrace your own identity.” – Born Of Osiris (Exercising Your Mind) Because of the insight, training, and experience that I have accumulated over many years, I am certain that … Continue reading