Notes On A.C.I.D.

(Hakeem Alexander) I have practiced, and documented peaks in ‘performance’ and momentous manifestations of previously undiscovered skills that last, in several disciplines such as: creative writing and poetry, drawing and other visual arts, musical instruments, and singing, dancing and … Continue reading

Monday and Tuesday Available Session Times

Testimonials Available Session Times. Monday and Tuesday * Hypnosis * Yoga * Capoeira * Private & Small Group [4] *packages not limited to Monday & Tuesday times; see below 11:00AM – 12:00PM 12:30PM – 1:30PM 2:00PM – 3:00PM 3:30PM – … Continue reading

Pick This Up On Your Way To Victory [VIDEO]

On Your Way To Victory Pick This Up SCENE: Hakeem drinks a large cup of coffee, takes off his red HOST t-shirt, and then steps outside after listening to “Don’t you ever quit” from Inner Circle Audios, and then starts … Continue reading

Capoeira Los Angeles: Contra Mestre Parafina

As usual with Capoeira Los Angeles events, it was a whole lot of fun with an amazing open roda. There were so many gifted, talented and dedicated Capoeiristas to play with!

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Capoeira-H A

I have been fortunate enough to find the many ‘flaws’ in my interpretations of extraverable language, and the many expressions of my own, that have led to misunderstandings.

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A.C.I.D.: Artistic, Creative, Intuitive Development

You don’t need anyone else but yourself to decide what this sequence is, but seeking advice from other sources may prove beneficial if you feel stuck.

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