Your Soul is a Light. What Are You Projecting OnTo The World With Such Power?

(Exercising Your Mind) You know how film projectors work, right? There is a film, called celluloid, that is like a plastic with images printed on the slides, or frames. These slides are on a roll that is connected to a … Continue reading

Memetically Engineered Feuds: Division And Conquest

(Exercising Your Mind) 954.487-0014 | Wine delivered to your door? Yes Please! The Two Party Trap Black Lives Matter A Memetically Engineered Feud is a purposefully created conflict of ideas, usually for the purpose of division and conquest … Continue reading

OM2 / Moon Phase PodCast / Feed The Need

(Exercising Your Mind) Announcing a new open mic Monday, March 9th, Broadcasting on the Moon Phases, and an introduction to a work in progress to feed some hungry people. Music of Zane Reynolds, Emcee Emphasis, The CHIMPZ, Kaisi Berick: The … Continue reading

Initiating A League Of Assassins: Killing WithOut Guilt

One of the most effective and powerful ways to eliminate any of our unwanted habits, emotions, and actions is sometimes a very closely guarded secret.

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OverRiding Genetics With A Decision: HypnoGenomics

If we were not hypnotized by certain beliefs and ideas we would not have them as options to act upon. Everything we do is based on hypnosis of some kind.

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KappaGuerra Visits Capoeira In The Valley At Westlake Village [VIDEO]

KappaGuerra visits Capoeira In The Valley. Because my interpretation is unique just as it should be. It is not often witnessed in Capoeira.

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HypnoGenomics: The New Science of Hypnotically Inducing Cellular Pluripotentiality

By revealing your ultimate intelligence and commanding your highest emotions, you can enjoy your optimal health. Quite simply make the decision to manage your stress, emotions and nutrition, and you modify your genes.

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Muscular Hypertrophy: Building Muscle Mass

The best way to gain muscle is through sensible resistence training and a logical nutritional program.

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