Master Motivation And Self-Improvement With This Self-Hypnosis Exercise (S.H.E.)

(Hakeem Alexander) (Exercising Your Mind)  “Personal Exploration Topic (p.e.t.): A theoretical construct that utilizes a more constructive linguistic framing in place of the usual terms like issues, problems, etc..” READ: The Original Blog Post S.H.E. – Self Hypnosis Exercise … Continue reading

The Master Key Of Covert Hypnosis: A Global Brain-Washing Agenda

A Global Brain-Washing Agenda The Master Key Of Covert Hypnosis “We are their cattle. We are being bred for slavery.” – They Live; 1988 Film (Exercising Your Mind) Imagine that you were being held as a prisoner somewhere, but did … Continue reading

Therapeutic Systems

the finishing touches on a few new Hypnotherapy based programs to help my clients with. I love acronyms as you will see.

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