2015 : Social Media Impact

Social Media Impact : 2015 (Exercising Your Mind) Topics of discussion for my variety talk and music show on 99.3 / KCLAFM in Hollywood, California.   Is Fukushima no longer a threat to life on Earth? Do we really have … Continue reading

Secret Fitness CodeWords To UnLock Your Ultimate Body Form And Function

UnLock Your Ultimate Body Form And Function Secret Fitness CodeWords (Exercising Your Mind) Right now you are reading this information, because you know there is something here that will help you to overcome your fitness challenges. Obviously, you care about … Continue reading

To Accelerate Your Success Is My Dominant Thought [PART-3]

A very specific way to progressively realize your predetermined goal, is to claim it as your dominant thought, by making decisions based on your goals to succeed.

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To Accelerate Your Success Is My Dominant Thought {PART-2}

This is why the most difficult part of realizing success, for those of us who may have had trouble with this, is the maintenance of a success dominant thought.

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To Accelerate Your Success Is My Dominant Thought

It is this one principle habit that takes the longest time to get to the point where your dominating thoughts are those that will accelerate the realization of your success.

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Pool Of The Black Star: The Dark Portal Of Wealth

These streams of power that are your imaginings and dreams can create the future that you desire. As soon as you become as clear as the star that provides light to solar systems.

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UniquilibriuM: The Will To Know Thy Self

(Exercising Your Mind) Compiled by Hakeem Alexander for HypnoAthletics You will remain in the same undesired places, covering lots of distance with no displacement from your current position until you act upon your reality with the force of new thoughts … Continue reading

HypnoAthletics: Possible GeoPhysical and Hypnotic Influences on Observed Correlations in Astrology

I thought it would be interesting to look into what Astrology’s predictions might have to do with a unique combination of the intensity of sunlight, temperature, latitude either north or south of the equator and whether it is day or night when one is born. It is no far stretch of the imagination to think that seasonal changes and variations in sunlight may have significant effects on personality and behavior.

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“Intellectual” Suggestibles and the “Auto-Dual induction”

very high Emotional-Suggestibles attempt to rationalize and then reject the therapeutic hypnotic suggestions.

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