Master Motivation And Self-Improvement With This Self-Hypnosis Exercise (S.H.E.)

(Hakeem Alexander) (Exercising Your Mind)  “Personal Exploration Topic (p.e.t.): A theoretical construct that utilizes a more constructive linguistic framing in place of the usual terms like issues, problems, etc..” READ: The Original Blog Post S.H.E. – Self Hypnosis Exercise … Continue reading

You People Need To Learn To Mind Your Own Business

Mind Your Own Business You People Need To Learn “Make the call, make progress, and get something out now,- -while you’ve got the motivation and momentum to do so.” REWORK (Exercising Your Mind) You may or may not love your job. … Continue reading

Do You Believe It Is Possible To Do Less And Achieve More?

Could your own business and personal life use a boost of super power? Would you like to get deep into the circles of successful people and millionaires? How would you like to access the powerful phenomena of Generational Leadership?

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Some More Cool Stuff For You Plus A Great Big Thank You!

Tomorrow at 3pm EST we open up the opportunity for you to become a member of the Blog Beast, and with tens-of-thousands of people sitting on the edge of their seats – to become a members – and to see what happens at the end of the movie

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Kidnapped and Time Bombed by the Guru Syndicate – Let The Daves Go

I have been able to help others because just by reviewing their product, service or interviewing them and linking to their site from mine, I have helped to rapidly increase their rate of exposure online also!

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7-Years Of Blogging Has Taught Me This Really Helps You To Succeed

Tomorrow, beginning at 3pm Eastern, the HypnoAthletics, in affiliation with the Empower Network officially launches the brand new Mobile Viral Blogging Platform called the Blog Beast!

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