Why You Want A Whole Lot Of Money

A Whole Lot Of Money Why You Want It That which makes you want more money is the same as that which makes the plant grow; it is Life, seeking fuller expression. – The Science of Getting Rich (Exercising Your … Continue reading

Creating The Wealth Of One-Hundred Millionaires

One-Hundred Millionaires Creating The Wealth 30-Thousand dollars a month is for beginners, that’s not the goal. (Exercising Your Mind) Right now I am part of a very exciting movement that is set to create one-hundred millionaires every year, using a … Continue reading

Blood To Survive: The Vampire Way

The Vampire Way Blood To Survive It’s pretty cool starting a home business when you don’t have a home to live in. – DW (Exercising Your Mind) On February 17th 2013, exactly one year after David Wood earned his first … Continue reading

Magic Of The Hypnotic Abyss

The Hypnotic Abyss Magic BEGIN TRANSCRIPT. Why do we believe in magic? Maybe I should say ‘Why do I believe in magic?’ Why do I want to believe in magic? It’s so difficult sometime to face the fact that, in … Continue reading

The Physical Hypnosis Of KappaGuerra

KappaGuerra The Physical Hypnosis The Only War To Wage Is WithIn Come play Capoeira with me: 818-430-xxxx (Exercising Your Mind) I have beenĀ  a long time student of our mental powers because cartoons taught me about brainwashing. I saw a … Continue reading

The Guru GrandMaster Formula

The Formula Of Guru GrandMaster “Obstacles and detours are a normal, natural part of your success and creating growth in your life.” – Ali Brown (Exercising Your Mind) Getting off track and being violently distracted by new, shiny, and sparkly … Continue reading

Hypnos Sleeps While Olympus Has Fallen

This is the light from the Fire of the Sun. The stars that rise from the East bringing the first shining of the day. Opening the eyes once closed by the real beasts who conceal the truth by sending the cloak of hypnotic delusion.

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UniquilibriuM: The Will To Know Thy Self

(Exercising Your Mind) Compiled by Hakeem Alexander for HypnoAthletics You will remain in the same undesired places, covering lots of distance with no displacement from your current position until you act upon your reality with the force of new thoughts … Continue reading

“Intellectual” Suggestibles and the “Auto-Dual induction”

very high Emotional-Suggestibles attempt to rationalize and then reject the therapeutic hypnotic suggestions.

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