Use Art And Music As A Tool For Addiction Recovery

Use Art And Music  As A Tool For Addiction Recovery By Monica Smith It has been known for a long time that creative endeavor is good for you: the benefits include improved mental health, cognitive function and even physical well-being. But while … Continue reading

Standards, Qualification, Assessment and Course Construction Foundations for Developing English as an Additional Language

(Haiku Science Academy) In any field of endeavor, there is always room for improvement no matter how deep the history or how well established an industry is. Experiencing and identifying some unforgivable problems within the international English language teaching industry, … Continue reading

Detailed Descriptors of Haiku Science Academy 9-Step Frame for Developing English as an Additional Language

(Exercising Your Mind) 3 Stages x 3 Levels = 9 Step Frame. Haiku Science Academy 9-Stage Frame (HSA 9-SF) for Developing English as an Additional Language (DEAL) Summary Titles and Detailed Descriptors. A– Pre-Elementary | A1– Elementary | A2– Upper Elementary … Continue reading

9-Step Frame for Developing English as an Additional Language (9-SF D.E.A.L.)

(Haiku Science Academy) Insisting upon the highest standards to qualify English teachers, within the Developing English as an Additional Language (DEAL) system of Haiku Science Academy (HSA), has yielded remarkably encouraging data. I am so incentivized because my counterparts were … Continue reading

CERTIFICATION Foundations: Developing English as an Additional Language (DEAL)

DEAL – Developing English as an Additional Language. SEAL – Speakers / Students of English as an Additional Language. (Haiku Science Academy) Part of what constitutes more precise instruction for the video production, and the composition of research papers for … Continue reading

English Pronunciation Mastery: The Tower of Babbling Accents

(Exercising Your Mind) I was born in New York City, and then moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the U.S.A., spending 12 years in each state. Because of the miscellaneous cultures present in these locations, I was exposed to numerous unfamiliar … Continue reading

Model-Dependent Realism and Neuro-Linguistic Programming

(Exercising Your Mind) I became deeply entrenched in reseach on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), while I was earning my degree in the related discipline and practice of Clinical Hypnosis from 2004 – 2006. After years of research, I departed from much of … Continue reading

English Language Pronunciation Professionals

Previously published as “English Language Pronunciation Experts” on HypnoAthletics University (Exercising Your Mind) There is a great need for English Language Pronunciation Professionals in institutions where English is taught as an additional language. The main purpose for many people learning … Continue reading

Sphere of the Unconscious: Being Uncomfortable with the Familiar

(Exercising Your Mind) To be the best version of yourself, you may have been informed that you have to get out of your “comfort zone”. This advice may not be all that helpful to most of us who want more … Continue reading

Handwriting is an Ideomotor Function that Stimulates a Dynamic Ideomotor Response

(Exercising Your Mind) The word ideomotor is a combination of the words ideo and motor. Respectively, they are defined as “idea”, or mental representation, and “muscular action”. The word ideodynamic uses the suffix “dynamic” to indicate that there are more … Continue reading