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Self-Talk And Social Speech NLP: The Instant Hypnotist

The Instant Hypnotist Self-Talk And Social Speech “You have to be careful about the vocabulary you use because every word or thought, spoken or written, if inner directed, constitutes programming, instructions to your subconscious mind.” -Dan Kennedy; No B.S. Wealth … Continue reading

(NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming: The Instant Hypnotist

The Instant Hypnotist (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming “It is plain as can be that people are controlled – yes controlled – throughout their adult lives by limits that were set and by behaviors that were prescribed early on, then never challenged.“ … Continue reading

Prescribing Madness

…permanently disfiguring side effects induced…

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Primum nun nocere part III

There is no monopoly on the truth; there is no single Medication, Doctrine, Hypnotherapist or method that works for everyone…

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Primum Nun Nocere part II

page 465
Submission to being hypnotized is analogous to being raped, with the exception that the individual can, generally, recover from being raped.

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Primum Nun Nocere part I

the psychiatric industry as it is has somehow failed to realize or accept that the chemical imbalances are correctable through supplementation using substances that occur naturally in the human body

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11 American States Oppose Federal Government

inhibition of lung carcinoma, lymphoma / leukemia, glioma, brain tumors, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer.

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Capoeira-H A

I have been fortunate enough to find the many ‘flaws’ in my interpretations of extraverable language, and the many expressions of my own, that have led to misunderstandings.

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