Sphere of the Unconscious: Being Uncomfortable with the Familiar

(Exercising Your Mind) To be the best version of yourself, you may have been informed that you have to get out of your “comfort zone”.

This advice may not be all that helpful to most of us who want more out of life, because we may already be out of our so-called comfort zone.

We might be very uncomfortable with the zone we are in, but it is what we are familiar with at our deepest level.

This is the level of our unconscious mind, which is guarded by the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is the critical filter that often rejects unfamiliar ideas from entering the unconscious. If ideas are not completely rejected, the subconscious, critical filter modifies unfamiliar ideas, so that they become acceptable to the unconscious.

Unfamiliar ideas are perceived as threats to our survival by our unconscious mind, even if the ideas would be better for our survival.

We would do better for ourselves by referring to this conceptual zone as our “familiarity zone“.

This familiarity zone, or Sphere of the Unconscious, is a homeostatic mechanism which has the sole purpose of keeping you safe and alive.

Kappasinian Hypnosis has taught me that homeostasis is

“the most powerful force in human behavior.”

I theorize that becuase we are surviving with the current state of mind we operate from, the unconscious mind “reasons” that any changes which are beyond a certain boundry of familiarity may change this for the worst.

You may be sad, sick, poor, or any combination of these, but since you are still alive, this is perceived as survival, which is familiar and good.

When you want to improve yourself by investigating happiness, health, wealth, or any combination of these ideas which are unfamiliar to the unconscious; the subconscious, critical filter will reject the ideas.

The unconscious environment can be imagined as a sphere of energy, made up of familiar ideas and emotions, surrounding your body as it radiates from your center.

There is a certain amount of energetic pressure, like air in a balloon that keeps this Sphere of the Unconscious at the most familiar (homeostatic) volume at all times.

If you expand too much from the current volume, homeostasis will activate to reduce the pressure, and shrink / deflate your awareness back into the familiar size.

In the same way, if you shrink too much, homeostasis will kick in to increase the pressure to inflate you back into the familiarity zone.

That which is familiar is not necessarily comfortable.

And if a more “comfortable” life experience is unfamiliar to your current “Sphere of the Unconscious”, then you wont stay there long if you don’t have the tools to reprogram a new, larger sphere of awareness as your homeostasis.

Learning the methods and techniques used in hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, and metaphysical science will provide a strong foundation to build upon.

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