Slay The Vampires With Super-Human Life-Force

(Exercising Your Mind)

“To remember who you are, you need to forget who they told you to be.”

We will take a trip into a Personal Exploration Topic (PET) about successfully using your mind to achieve the results you desire, using science-fiction, and mythological metaphors.

You may have some passion, and some skills that you would enjoy making a living and a life with. The information I am sharing with you will be an enormous help to you when applied.

Having a great skill, or something you are highly competent in is more likely to bring you success when it is motivated with the best attitude possible.

  • The enemies we will defeat are Parasitic Psychic Vampires
  • We will win by developing our Super-Human Life-Force

A Parasitic Disease

Excuses are one of the most toxic poisons to life.

Unfortunately, the readiness to make excuses seems to have been programmed into the majority of humans.

Making excuses is one way to throw away life-force.

Making excuses takes away your power.

The program to make excuses may be a clever trick created by Psychic Vampires, so they don’t have to hunt anymore, since people just give their life-force away.

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Know Your Frenemy

You, and your subconscious mind may be your best friend, or your worst enemy.


SwordPaper Hakeem image by Amit Sharabi

It just depends on how you use the mechanics for successfully influencing your subconscious mind, which are best understood from the sciences of Hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Your conscious mind, and subconscious mind respond to language very differently. So you have to speak the language of the subconscious mind to successfully influence it.

Basically, repetition and association of emotionally charged imagery, in the form of translogic, paradigm, and / or doctrine, usually by authority figures is the most influential “language” formula.

The formula is a combination of the Laws of Self-Hypnosis with the Hypnotic Modalities.

Emotions help to create an internal experience (paradigm) by overloading the critical filter of the subconscious mind, so that the images make an impression, mold, model or map in the subconscious.

The impression, mold, model, or map is basically a program that contains a reverse engineered pathway, leading from where you want to be, to where you are now.

This program contains thoughts, words, and actions made of numbers and symbols associated with emotion.

If the associated emotions are NOT in line with the successful result, and outcome; then the images represented by numbers and symbols are there to model, predict, and manipulate your behavior, and character to somehow FAIL at achieving your desired result.

On the other hand, when the associated emotions ARE in line with the successful result, and outcome; then the images represented by numbers and symbols are there to  model, predict, and manipulate your behavior, and character to SUCCEED at achieving your desired result.

Your desires (images) will fail or succeed depending on whether or not the emotions you have repeatedly associated with the images are good or bad.

Synaptic Syntax Sequencing

You can want something, and then imagine it repeatedly with the BAD feeling, and emotion that you WILL NOT achieve it, and that prophecy will fulfill itself.

Conversely, you can want the same thing with the same exact imagination repeated with the GOOD feeling that YOU ARE achieving it, and you will successfully fulfill that prophecy.

The emotions are a very important ingredient in whether or not the desired subjects, and objects of your imagination will fail or succeed.

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Reticular Activation

You will become more aware of the circumstances, and opportunities that most powerfully predict the type of results you will get, for good or bad.

Excuses automatically disconnect you from being the one who runs the process of successfully influencing your subconscious mind.

If you make excuses, you are handing over the controls to the parasitic vampires that manipulate the actions of their hosts.

Discipline Neutralizes Excuses and Slays the Vampires

I prefer to consider that discipline is the opposite of excuses. Discipline motivates us to be persistent in figuring out and becoming the best version of ourselves.

Discipline is a Super-Human Power.

When we discipline ourselves to use the mechanics of successful, subconscious influence that we know, we are able to impress our subconscious with paradigms designed to guide us towards our best.

The word “Paradigm” is interchangeable with the words program, beliefs, attitudes, and mind-set. All these words describe the information, and messages that your mind uses to direct your behavior.

Excuses allow our paradigms to be created for us from the outside, leaving us powerless and out of control.

Discipline creates paradigms designed by us from the inside, empowering us with Super-Human control of ourselves.

“Change the way we perceive the world,

and the world we perceive will change.”

Our perceptions are greatly influenced, or colored by our paradigms, just like gloves or glasses change the way that we feel and see.

If we put on glasses with blue colored lenses, then we see a world of blue.

When we put on glasses with red colored lenses, we see a world of red.

If we put on a paradigm with failure programs, then we experience failure.

When we put on a paradigm with success programs, then we experience success.

Of course, we have to plan our work, and take massive action to work our plan, but it must all begin within the realm of our imagination.

To envision possibilities that we don’t see with our eyes is the Super-Human discipline to begin with the way we want things to be.

Then we work backwords from that paradigm to put in place everything we need to make the images in our subconscious a reality through the right, persistent action.

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