Metaphysical Power, Money, And Fame

(Exercising Your Mind) What if you were completely aware of the fact that your true nature is Spiritual and Perfect? With this realization, would you be able to instantly heal broken bones, repair severed arteries, and save drowning children; simply … Continue reading

Numerology Of 1 Synchronicity With Five New Moons

(Exercising Your Mind) From April 18th 2015 until August 14th 2015, any person born on September 17th of any year, will have a Numeral 1 Personal Day Vibration that falls on the same day as there will be for a … Continue reading

The Power, Money, And Fame Of Metaphysics

(Exercising Your Mind) What if you could actually understand that there is really a fundamental, Metaphysical Truth underlying all spiritual, creative, religious, and philosophical theories? Is it possible that such a Universal Law of all existence can be intelligently directed … Continue reading

The Best Fitness Program In Southern California 03

(Exercising Your Mind) Are you aware of the most common mistake that you, and most people make when not being successful? It really can be simplified to one root cause. Simple does not mean it is easy though. I have … Continue reading

The Best Fitness Program In Southern California 02

“Where do I begin? I trained with Hakeem for 5 1/2 months and during that span I lost over 50 lbs, learned about nutrition, and I also became a “Kung Fu” master. Before that I lacked self discipline, I was … Continue reading

The Best Fitness Program In Southern California 01

Call Hakeem Alexander 818.430-5441 (Exercising Your Mind) I know you really want to learn exactly how the world’s greatest “secrets” about fitness and exercise can help you to experience the most transformational advances of your life. YES! I am speaking … Continue reading

Successful Action With Numerology

(Exercising Your Mind) The Science of Getting Rich is using The Science of Mind to Think and Grow Rich. “…the type of thought which we allow to become habitual will sooner or later find expression on the plane of action.” … Continue reading