Hypnosis is a Metaphysical Truth

(Exercising Your Mind) It has been a life-long struggle for me to get right in my head. For a while I did not like the name Hakeem Alexander. But the point of what I am sharing with you here right … Continue reading

Creating Wealth With Dreams And Numerology

(Exercising Your Mind) Listen to the PodCast & you may also watch the YouTube video below about Numerology – Power, Money, & Fame of the Numeral 8. Are you ready to learn how you can predict and control the attraction … Continue reading

New Moon Straight Edge PodCast [March 20th]

(Exercising Your Mind) Representing some breakthrough ideas for Personal Development. Based on a different way of thinking about Metaphysics as M.E.T.A.-Physics. READ: The Hard Way is the Easy Way: Persistence and Personal Development Any-time any-one attempts to discourage you from … Continue reading

Friday The 13th Moon Phase Metaphysics

Moon Phase Metaphysics Friday The 13th (Exercising Your Mind) Towards Universal Harmony and Spiritual Wisdom Through Healthy Living and Self-Defense. Listen to the PodCast below… Are we as human beings doomed to extinction by our own hands? Why do you … Continue reading

OM2 / Moon Phase PodCast / Feed The Need

(Exercising Your Mind) Announcing a new open mic Monday, March 9th, Broadcasting on the Moon Phases, and an introduction to a work in progress to feed some hungry people. Music of Zane Reynolds, Emcee Emphasis, The CHIMPZ, Kaisi Berick: The … Continue reading

The Master Key Of Covert Hypnosis: A Global Brain-Washing Agenda

A Global Brain-Washing Agenda The Master Key Of Covert Hypnosis “We are their cattle. We are being bred for slavery.” – They Live; 1988 Film (Exercising Your Mind) Imagine that you were being held as a prisoner somewhere, but did … Continue reading