Orgasms Of The Gods

Orgasms Of The Gods

(Exercising Your Mind) [Creative Non-Fiction] You will soon find Isis in your ovaries, or, Osiris in your testicles at some point in this adventure. Indeed you may enjoy it so pleasurably that you will be unable to contain your ecstasy.

Hakeem in Orbit

Or not.

This ain’t “50 Shades of Gray” or “Fifty Pieces of Gray“.

also see
Gray Area: 51 Shades of Aliens” (Numerology Code of Area-51)

In any case his should be quite a bit of fun as I free associate these notes.

In The Beginning

The first Book of Moses is called Genesis.

I once learned that Genesis was an abbreviation for the “Gene of Isis”.
So off on a trip of radical speculation I went.

Isis is the Greek name given to the Egyptian Goddess Ast-Ra.

Her name is most likely a combination of the original Sun-God Ra,with whatever that “Ast” part means.

Anyway, as you may probably have noticed, the Greeks also used the full Egyptian Goddess name for the various words for star.

These Greek words for star are: Astra, Astro, Asterisk and maybe a few more.

Of course we know that Ra is the Sun and the Sun is a Star.

Even the English word Star is simply a rearranging of the letters in the word Astra.

Physicists tell us that all life on Earth, and in fact our entire galaxy, was born in the heart of a star through a massive supernova explosion that eventually whirled together to make worlds.

This basically says that stars gave birth to life in a gigantic, climax of an explosion that ejaculated the Milky Way into existence.

Hormones and Horus Moans

So back to Genesis being the “Gene of Isis” and Isis being Astra, we can speculate that the Gene of Isis can also be rephrased as the Astra Gene.

If we combine these two words we get AstraGene or Estrogen.

This is how Isis is in your ovaries.

I do not own the following  graphic. It belongs to Oster and comes from their shopping site.


As you can see from the logo above, Oster has a star inside the letter “O”.Indeed Oster is the Egyptian name for the God that the Greeks call Osiris.

It did not take much imagination for me to see how neatly OSTER fit into testOSTERone.


This is how Osiris is in your testicles.

In case we have overlooked the fact that Astra is female and estrogen is the female hormone

and Oster is a male God and of course testosterone is the male hormone.

Interesting that Oster is very close to the word Oyster, which may shed some star-light on the whole idea of giving someone a “pearl necklace” if you know what I mean?!

I am sure this was the whole idea when scientists named the hormones and I am not publishing some brand new original thought.

But it was new to me when I thought it and no one presents it quite as I do for sure.

There are all kinds of other relationships between the Sun and seasons and fertility, sex and life.

We find this with the rising and setting Sun sharing similar language roots with Astra and Oster as in East and West in English; Este and Oeste in Spanish; Esther, Easter, East Star, West Star etc.

So at another time I will write this up for your pleasure.

And at some point I will address Horus Rising on the Horizon.

* * * * *

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