Social Proof Formula

Social Proof Formula

0 Project: Iatrogenic Illness

When Dr. Alice Crippen genetically engineered a cure for cancer with a virus, she never expected it to wipe out 90-percent of the entire world’s population and leave the rest to be the prey and food for the few that became blood-thirsty, photo-phobic mutants.

But that is what happened in the movie “I Am Legend” starring Will Smith.

It is a very extreme example of iatrogenic illness. Almost an Extinction Level Event.

In Social Proof Formula, I invite you to share your own science-fiction as well as scientific or personally experienced examples for this collection of iatrogenic illness.

It has been a very interesting subject to a lot of people for many years including myself. and because I have had personal experience with it including witnessing others deal with it; I know it is a subject well worth exploring for solutions.

So the first project of Social Proof Formula is really about finding a cure for the madness of medicine making us more sick than well.

In science-fiction and other fiction, there are countless examples in every form of media from the written and spoken word, throughout music and motion pictures.

The thing is, will we discover some very interesting pattern, or even a code in all of this?

The answers that I have uncovered so far may possibly leave you very surprised as if you had just witnessed the Sun rising from the West.

And I will be revealing and sharing my treasures as quickly as I can. After all, I am dedicated to creating and curating content for over two-dozen different multimedia sites at once every day.

And I am able to get so much done from one platform because I have such amazing tools and toys to play with. Finally the media can actually keep up with me!

The question is “Will you be able to keep up with me?”

Maybe you are one of the few. Because there are not very many people in the world who can do as much as I can with such an efficient use of every available resource at hand.

Almost all of it is a whole lot of fun.

Most of the time it really isn’t pretty.

But I certainly do log, catalog and analog googols of actionable data on a consistent basis. And the more coaching and guidance I follow and create, the better my delivery evolves.

Social Proof Formula is taking an overlooked secret in plain sight and highlighting it with an underlying principle that is both inspiring and actionable.

Do welcome yourself to the fold.

You may contribute whatever content you like or just peek through.

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