The Billion-Dollar Master-Mind Club

(Exercising Your Mind) What do you have to do, be and / or have to feel like a BILLION-DOLLARS even if you do not yet have that much in your bank account? What is the real reason that us wealthy folks work so smartly to obtain and sustain wealth? Why would YOU want to know that SECRET or want to be part of a so-called BILLION-DOLLAR MASTER-MIND CLUB?

Think about Richard Branson, Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark. Even though the second two are fictional characters from comic books, all three have something in common: they are BILLIONAIRES! And, they live pretty exciting lives too.

Richard Branson is known for his outrageous publicity stunts and exciting ventures. Of course, Bruce Wayne is “BATMAN” from DC Comics and Tony Stark is “IRON-MAN” from MARVEL Comics. If you do not already know the high level of energy and excitement in the lives of the two SUPER-HEROES mentioned here, you should look them up.

Do you have any idea why I would mention BILLIONAIRES in relation to the Master-Mind Initiation and the Master-Mind Club? What does Ultimate Intelligence, Highest Emotions & Optimal Health have to do with BILLIONS OF DOLLARS?

Well that is the SECRET I am about to reveal to you. Fortunately for you this is much more than just vague psychological concepts. What I have created is the most unique, awe-inspiring, health-improving, life-affirming, mind-expanding activity EVER. But when I want to be, just as you can be, I am always in ACTION!

Each component by itself might even seem ordinary. And when combined together with my own SECRET INGREDIENT, you can actually create beneficial, positive, neuro-chemical and biological changes that improve the over-all quality of you mental, physical and spiritual life if you so choose! And when the time is right time for you, experience the feeling of BLISS.

When you understand that these things are true for yourself through direct experience, you will wonder what the heck has been going on in your life and the world the whole time before you accepted this original mode of perception. Because of this, when it really matters most, just as when you want it to matter, you can experience supreme CONFIDENCE in yourself and the goodness in and of the world around you.

Discover How to Become a Master-Mind
Consistently Awaken Extraordinary Abilities
& Inspire Personal Empowerment
Everyday of Your Life

People attract, create, earn and obtain money because money gets them the things that they want. But underlying all of this is the fact that the things people want are really about feeling good and experiencing a life that is free of unnecessary worry, stress and fear.

You can live where you want, eat what you like and go places that you would like to go when you have all of the money required. But is that really all that there is? Could there be something that even the most wealthy people have forgotten? Is there something that you can have that even many of the worlds BILLIONAIRES do not have?

Yes, it is true. You can do, be and have a great experience of happiness and health that even many BILLIONAIRES do not have. Of course, some of them do; but SO CAN YOU! A lot of the people who have lots of money to spend actually do spend it on experts who can give them the best advice that money can buy about healthy living.

But just because they can does not mean that they do!

There are rich people and not so rich people and even so-called poor people who are HAPPY and HEALTHY. At the same time there are both rich and poor people who are not happy and healthy. It all depends on how you choose to spend your time, money and energy.

The key is to be complete, whole and INDEPENDENT. But there’s more. The SECRET is to be HOLY. Now I do not mean religious holy, even though you can be so if you wish. I am talking about HOLISTIC: Healthy and Whole.

I believe that
Optimal Health
is the

THE BILLIONDOLLAR MASTERMIND CLUB was created just for that very reason. There is POWER in NUMBERS. And when you dedicate some part of your time and energy to REVEAL YOUR ULTIMATE INTELLIGENCE, COMMAND YOUR HIGHEST EMOTIONS and ENJOY YOUR OPTIMAL HEALTH, then you can SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES with others who are doing the same.

Interestingly enough, I am not specifically talking about actually having BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in your bank account, although I am sure you might agree that would be a desirable situation to be in. What I am actually communicating to you is WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH A BILLIONDOLLARS? WHAT COULD YOU DO WITH A BILLION DOLLARS?

Well, I know what I could share with you and teach to you that is WORTH AT LEAST ONEBILLIONDOLLARS OR MORE. And I certainly know that I have been making very good use of my time for many years and still am doing what is definitely WORTH AT LEAST ONEBILLIONDOLLARS OR MORE!!!

The simple discovery that I am sharing with you is so fantastic, I almost can not believe that it is really this simple! By just formulating a burning desire and putting it into words, I began to be propelled forward on a magnificent journey.

I learned to conceptualize and write out a VISION which is to be “EXERCISING YOUR MIND TOWARD UNIVERSAL HARMONY AND SPIRITUAL WISDOM” with the way to get there, or my MISSION being “THROUGH HEALTHY-LIVING AND SELF-DEFENSE.”

An awesome discovery was made! Actually it has been taught by many others, so it is not so much a discovery, but the trick is to REALIZE it personally. You have to somewhat discover it for yourself. You are almost not going to believe just how basic and fundamental this is. When I first learned this, I was floored. It was like being suddenly awakened from one of those breath-taking dreams that stay with you FOREVER.

All you have to do, as I did, is set a DEFINITE PURPOSE and then choose a vehicle. With your GOAL in mind and CLEARLY DEFINED, almost any road and any vehicle you choose will get you there. WHAT?!? ANY ROAD? ANY VEHICLE? That’s right. Now this does not mean ALL ROADS. Because when you DO NOT have a goal then all roads will get you there.

I am talking to you about the fact that ANY ROAD AND ANY VEHICLE THAT

The specific MISSION I have chosen and invite you to explore with me is
LIVING AND SELF-DEFENSE. Some of the exciting parts of this
mission include ways to:

-…Explore the fabulous possibilities available to you once you’ve become a Master-Mind by using the magic of HypnoAthletics!

-…Inspire your Life-force as you breathe in Universal Prana, infused with Kriya in a deep Vinyasa-Flow that ignites your passionate Kundalini-Fire! (Dream Action Yoga)

-…Feel the rhythm and groove to the glorious beat of your Soul as you Ginga and swing your body through the graceful, beautiful and deadly Dance of War called Capoeira! (KappaGuerra)

-…Rocket-Fuel your appetite through understanding and using Super-Foods to Super-Charge your mental powers and physical health! (Orthomolecular)

your physical body through progressive, organic adaptations to new
activities and conditions to totally transform into Super-Human Form! (Epigenetics)


The secret has been the combination real-life ACTION + BLISS + CONFIDENCE + ENTERING NEW WORLDS! Maybe it is easier said than done. I would agree. But since you are going to be LIVING anyway, why not take the time to really B.R.E.A.T.H.E?

Unleash The Super-Human Potential Within Yourself as a MASTERMIND and learn to

Break free from the chains of genetic control and the walled-in beliefs of society.
Release yourself from the from the fear of threats to survival and thrive instead.
Explore the purpose and joy of life that is determined by your wonderful self.
Accept your abilities to respond in the most progressive ways to all conditions.
Train yourself to cultivate persistence, belief and faith in your constructive potential.
Harvest the marvelous growth inside yourself and share it with the world around.
Excel in every area of your life possible and enjoy the fruits of you favors.

Universal Harmony? Spiritual Wisdom? They both translate to LOVE, UNDERSTANDING COMPASSION AND KINDNESS! LUCK! Because I now believe through experience and understanding that we create our own luck.

Wouldn’t you be super-excited if you stumbled across the ability to be immune to criticism and live in joy while actively living a healthy life?

Wouldn’t you want to organize it into a simple system and formula / no-formula to share with others?

What would you do with the ability to remain FOCUSED and CLEAR about what you wanted to do and be who you really are no matter what is going on around you or what life may have been like before?

Discover How to Become a Master-Mind
Consistently Awaken Extraordinary Abilities
& Inspire Personal Empowerment
Everyday of Your Life


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