“Intellectual” Suggestibles and the “Auto-Dual induction”

(Exercising Your Mind) The “Auto-Dual Induction” is used on “Intellectual-Suggestibles” who have a fear of loss-of-control, and allows the subject to experience and understand that they are putting themselves under hypnosis.

This is true for everyone if you subscribe to the idea that “all hypnosis is self-hypnosis“. Intellectual-Suggestibles are Emotional-Suggestibles and make up a very small part of the population, according to Kappasinian Hypnosis.

An Auto-Dual Induction is accomplished by having the person repeat verbatim (word-for-word), the suggestions of the Hypnotherapist, so that the person loses some ability to over-analyze what the Hypnotherapist is saying.

When Intellectual-Suggestibles are analyzing suggestions, they are more able to resist the very therapeutic methods they have sought out through Hypnotherapy.

These persons who are scored as very high Emotional-Suggestibles attempt to rationalize and then reject the therapeutic hypnotic suggestions. Auto-Dual Inductions reduce this capacity for resistance.

Although Auto-dual is the preferred, primary induction type for Intellectual-Suggestibles, it may be used with all subjects. When used with other suggestibility types, it is generally as a secondary induction or deepening technique, but may also be used as a primary induction.

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