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By Hakeem Alexander

(Exercising Your Mind) Just thinking about the joy that is KarmaCaffe is astronomically and powerfully inspiring to me. I must have fallen into a wonderful slumber, safe and protected, being nourished all the while and empowering my whole being. What I am describing is what I have found through my experiences with KarmaCaffe.com, particularly the KarmaCaffe Spiritual Hour, web-hosted by BlogTalk Radio online. The co-show-hosts are Chandi Devi and James Bean; two amazing listeners and friends.

The show features world renowned guests. There are Best-Selling Authors, Spiritual Gurus and Masters, Celebrated Healers, Mesmerizing Artists, and some of the most innovative and Spectacular Musicians. I have been honored by being invited to speak on the program twice, so far…

I have looked into many schools and have been a student of some course, or a mentee of someone in some way all of my life. I have been a student of correspondence paralegal courses. Dr. Kennedy’s Online Medical Vocabulary course currently supplements the many books I read. Supplements abound from many community college courses and the time I was a “Mystery Auditor”, as Chris Whelpton called me when hanging out with him, Kevin Green and others during their student-hood at the University of Miami as film students.

Jerry Blohm of the Miami Art Department confidently ushered me into the music video and major motion picture business where I worked for many years hauling props and dressing sets. Many UM student films are included.

I have been certified as an American Red Cross Professional Rescuer, and in general CPR and 1st-Aid services ever since my senior year high-school wrestling coach Coach, Michael Srock, paid for myself and Dave Crenshaw of the Volleyball team, which Srock also coached, to become trained and certified as Life-Guards as Graduation gifts. Not so long ago I certified as an Instructor for Red Cross CPR, 1st Aid and Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

I have had many great music teachers such as John C. Nista, Lori Carlson and Steve Salo. I have played in many bands including South Florida’s Acrimonium, and even had an opportunity to sing with the Broward County Honor Choir and University of Miami Honor Choir while still in high school.

America’s first Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy, of which I am a Graduate, has enormously empowered me with so many tools that I am sublimely prepared to meet all situations in my life with great confidence and cheer. The Church of Scientology has certainly implanted a powerful boost to my revolutionary modus and increasing quotient of intelligence as well.

As has been The International Church of Christ, the Bah’ais that I sometimes join on Thursday evenings in Encino have been great sources of incredible insight and interfaith dialogue.

I have trained for self-defense and amateur Boxing while living with Champion Pugilist Jazzy James Flowers, brawling in Ft. Lauderdale’s Monday Night Raw fight nights, Mestre Pele’s Corpo e Movimento Capoeira games, and J.K. Vetro’s KickBoxing. Not to metion the painful lessons I have learned as a street-fighter and in the Broward County Jail system.

Being in ROTC, spending 1 week in Mini-Boot Camp on the no longer Naval-Marine Base in Orlando Florida, The Boys and Girls Club Devil-Dogs Cadets, going through Military Entrance Processing and teaching for Ray Zeller’s Delinquency Prevention Program, Kids in Dade Society have taught me that discipline may also be pleasantly and usefully child-like and fun.

Currently, I serve as the Director of Finance on the Board of Max Music Academy, who’s logo is “Striving Towards A Better World Through the Love of Classical Music”. It is a non-profit founded by Lisbeth Ortuztti, who holds a Master Degree in Music from Bolivia’s prestigious Tomas Frias University in Potosi. She has been teaching for over 20 years and holds annual Youth Piano Recitals, of which I am also the Master of Ceremonies (MC) each year since 2006

Today I also teach Yoga, Mat Pilates, Boxing, Kickboxing, and Body Sculpting as a “Professional Sub” for Meridian’s Bodies in Motion in three locations; Encino, Northridge and Century City. I once certified as an Optimum Performance Trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine and the International Fitness Association online also.

I have had many fantastic mentors including Pro-Boxer Floyd Weaver, Pilates Method with Melanie Crawford, Kickboxing and Martial Arts with Grand-Master Vincent Calloway, NIA and Yoga with Ivy Gullickson and Dahlia Sneider, all because of being part of the Bodies in Motion team and taking advantage of the challenges and opportunities presented.

On my website www.HypnoAthletics.com, I have been keeping a journal of my progress and using it as an empowering “PropaGhandi” machine. In addition, it serves as a streamline method for keeping my knowledge base fresh. In searching for a type of continuing education that would fit my extremely personalized, dilletantish, and sometimes fickle learning style, I have hit only dead ends until now.

Incidentally, www.KarmaCaffe.com has become a veritable Continuing Education tool fo me; the KarmaCaffe University! As I mentioned, I am particularly influenced by the Spiritual Hour for KarmaCaffe on BlogTalk Radio hosted by Chandi Devi and James Bean.

When I was studying Hypnotherapy, one of our course sections, 401, was to watch the founder of the Institutes in Georgia and California, Dr. John Kappas, perform Hypnotherapy on many clients through video record, as he conducted them in front of students and Hypnotherapist candidates. We then wrote essays on the material. My great friend, Independent Researcher and Educator, Kevin L. Green watches some of the same documentaries over and over again, completely exhausting all knowledge, diligently using this as a method for mastering everything presented.

With KarmaCaffe’s Spiritual Hour, each show, ranging in time length from 50 minutes to 2 hours, I am able to apply this profoundly effective and simple, repetitive learning method. Each show is archived online and are available as free downloads! These recordings have become the prime source of my continuing education, concurrent with my ongoing Self-Certified Private Practice(SCPP) of HypnoAThletics and KappaGuerra based off of my other compilation-augmentation-creations, such as Heuristic Philology, Religion, Art & Science Tri-Angle (RASTA), and Subjective Experiential Education (SEE).

I have looked into many Frontier and leading institutions for a workable program and have found several that far surpass many of the more main-stream authorities, specifically as far as true healings and recoveries, utility or usefulness and application, ecological consequences, and overall benefit to society and the world are concerned.

Of particular note is the University of Metaphysical Sciences, Global College of Natural Medicine, National Holistic Institute, Hippocrates Health Institute, and of course, the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. KarmaCaffe’s Spiritual Hour on BlogTalk Radio offers this type of education and beyond.

The Expert and Masterful abundance and the Extremely High Caliber presenters who have been guests on the KarmaCaffe Spiritual Hour, have provided me an enormous and vitally applicable resource for Personal Development, Enrichment, Continuing Education and Enlightenment. Besides being an extremely important network for Practitioners such as myself, KarmaCaffe may simply serve as a source of Spiritual Current Events, affirmation and general inspiration for others.

So power-up your PC, Laptop, or hand-held device, and download, share and
learn from these monumental and magnificently life inspiring and perspective enhancing sounds and words, of these Elegant Masters and Practitioners. All conveniently archived on MP3s courtesy of BlogTalk Radio and KarmaCaffe.com. I have long dreamed of this type of opportunity, experience and community.

KarmaCaffe is definitely “Serving Spiritual Brew”; and it is the finest and most nourishing that has ever filled any cup of mine.


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