A.C.I.D.: Artistic, Creative, Intuitive Development

(Exercising Your Mind) When creating work-out plans for my clients and myself, I like to name things for the sake of identification, and to facilitate the ease of communication when discussing topics with other therapists, researchers and scientists. Also, it helps me to easily reference a ‘title’ / label when I work with a new client who is presenting a similar personal exploration topic (p.e.t) as someone I have helped before.

For those seeking to enhance creativity, I have created a.c.i.d. – (artistic, creative, intuitive development). I have practiced, and documented peaks in ‘performance’ and momentous manifestations of previously undiscovered skills that last, in several disciplines such as: creative writing and poetry, drawing and other visual arts, musical instruments, and singing, dancing and martial arts.

I have personally applied this system and went to task teaching myself several musical instruments and the producing, engineering, recording, mixing, composing lyrics, and music with varying themes. Heavy Metal, Rap, and Ambient, being the three dominant styles referenced. The instruments I taught myself are Bass Guitar, Guitar, Drum-Set, Saxaphone, Fife, Trombone, Berimbau and Keyboard; I also sang several vocal parts and wrote all of the lyrics with only one commonly used effect which is reverb.

My next project was a small chapbook of over 200 Haiku Poems called “Serena Wears Black” which I self published. Finally and most stunning to me is the application of this method to quickly assimilate several different fitness disciplines into my repertoire. I now teach over ten different classes in a very well known and established facility including Yoga, Mat Pilates, KickBoxing and even Kid’s Karate.

One thing that makes these accomplishments stand out is that I have no formal training or certification for these disciplines. I have been a certified personal trainer, and I do currently hold a first aid and CPR certification, nothing more. I accepted most of these teaching assignments literally preparing the night before. For the first class, and the one which began my fitness class teaching career, I had no prep time and was in the right place at the right time when an instructor failed to show up for a class. The supervisor was so thankful that he put me on the schedule as a sub, now I have my own regular schedule while subbing whenever I choose.

The ‘ingredients’ for this simple ‘recipe’ are association and repetition. New associations must be networked through representational systems not previously associated with the (p.e.t.).

Then the desired behaviors, and ideas must be repeated systematically with the new associations in a carefully selected and totally customized sequence for the individual. You don’t need anyone else but yourself to decide what this sequence is, but seeking advice from outside sources may prove beneficial if you feel stuck. The most important, and maybe most abstract component I have noted is belief. More details to come, as I earn a better understanding for myself.

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